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Gone for four months






I'm finally back.


I've been lost in all my confusion and dispare.

I've been able to finally let go and I'm ok.


I'm finally able to get on with living. All the test from August came back fine and I thank God for that!



I weather that one and am forever thankful.


I have changed my thought process and will not blame myself for getting sick. I took a while to convince myself that his actions were his problem and not because I was damaged from the stroke. Discusting and ugly. It was his problem, he chose to run off and run around and he has to live with his decision.

As for me I'm ok I am a survivor.


We all are survivors and we are stong. We are not damaged and we deserve respect and love. ( and we should all demand the best for ourselves) This was a hard jorney for me but I would not change a thing. I made it and came out a better stronger woman for it.


2009 my wishes

everyone peace, happiness, good friend, and lots of laughter

for myself to keep learning about me and to smile every day


Thanks for hearing me




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So happy you are back:)


You are quite a world away from where you were thank God!


Everything you say is true It was never you, you are not damaged

You do deserve respect and love - settle for no less

You are a wonderfully warm, and nice person and anyone who doesn't appreciate that doesn't deserve the honor of having your sunshine in their life.

I'm so glad you are finally starting to see just how strong you really are. As you continue along now in your recovery you'll only continue to gain strength. You're friends here will always be here to listen, cheer you on, and stand by your side.

Please come around more often, we'd love for you to be a regular part of our family.

Maria :friends:

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Welcome back - missed you. Glad to hear you are doing better. Yes, you do deserve the best; please never ever settle for less.



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I am so happy to have you back. & what a comeback journey is this. I think all of us that inner strength within us to go through that journey. & I am happy that you came out of it as a strong woman. As Maria says come back often we are here for you, to listen to cheer, to awake our inner light too




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Sherry everyone does deserve love and respect. So glad to see you back on blogging.


Four months is a long time to wait for results so your despair and trepidation is understandable. Glad you came through it all okay.



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Welcome Back, Sometimes we have to Reach.. but glad you found your inner strength.. Thats Right you are a survivor, a Survivor of Life, a Beautiful Person, Inside and Out.


Remember the Song "I am Woman" Hear Me Roar.


You Go Girl , Happy to hear the tests have good results. now onward and upward


hugs, Bonnie



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