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Driving again has to be wonderful for you...yeah! I am 20 months post stroke and didn't drive for 9 months. When I started driving again, it was fantastic to have my independence back. Today I drive all over.


Your observation about the changes with friends post stroke is so true. It's almost as though they are afraid they are going to "catch" a stroke.


Enjoy your blogs.



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I don't understand why people react the way they do either, whether it is because they don't know what to say, afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing etc. I have heard others confined to wheel chairs due to accidents or a physical thing such as what has happened to you, say pretty much the same thing you have noted. From my observation it is more because they feel awkward, perhaps thinking that it could be them. Who knows what goes through ones mind? I suppose we could carry a sign stating: "I'm the same person, just dealing with a life issue!" I can assure you that when you recover from this and you see someone who is dealing with a problem, whatever it is, you will know not to ignore or avoid them! I am so proud of you and the progress you have made and are making. I thank God every day for you and for Debbie. Keep writing your blogs! You express yourself and what you are thinking and feeling really well! Perhaps you should take up a new hobby-----write a book about your struggle! I witnessed your Dad's stroke and then just a few weeks later, you had yours which had a different outcome and I know that you are aware of how blessed you are. We had quite a year this past year and we have survived it! We don't have to like it but we keep on living our lives, finding our way around those things we can't change! Guess that is why it is called "Life." My Faith has kept me going! I recall a verse from the Proverbs that you had when you were a kid: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding!"

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hey Wes:


what you say about some people not able to handle disability is so true but I think in the bigger scheme of life it's their loss you are still you. in difficult times you realize who are your friends. I enjoy your blogs very much too. I had to laugh thinking your wife does not want her little bird fly :). my hubby did not allow me for first 2 years & I made huge racket that I want to volunteer in my son's school & he made sure he will drive me to every event all around town. though it worked well. now that I drive around everywhere I miss those times with whole family for our son's activities. now I feel he is missing on our son growing up because of his work.






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