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Just for today I will......




.... have kind thoughts about everyone. I will only say nice things. I will will kind to everyone I see and myself. Ill help around the house take out the trash, sweep the floor, and do the dishes. I will be sweet and kind to my family. I will be loving to my wife and Ill. I will... but just for today. Tommrow is another day. I was told to livelife in the present, I realize I plan for the future alot and forget about today. When the plans dont happen for any reason, I then have nothing and, look to the past. The cycle begins again. I have nothing Get older and never wiser. Just for today Ill try to be wiser, Ill try but no pressure please its alot for today.



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Life for us does need to be taken a day at a time - it's hard to do at times but if we remember to daily count our blessings it helps. I try to live by the motto "Let Go Let God"

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you are on right path. I might copy you and do same thing. I follow hindu principles do your duties best and rest will be taken care by God




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yup, one day and one step at a time. I always try and remember that my cup is half full. And, don't beat yourself up when we "backslide" a bit. You are an inspiration.


Hugs Anne

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