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Wednesday is the 2nd year anniversary of Dave's brainstem stroke. I am so thankful that my husband and bestfriend is still here with me, and still making babysteps in recovery. It has been a tough couple years, dec 07 emergent triple bypass... less then 90 days latter we find out the graphs are 85% blocked and has to have another emergency procedure... less then 30 days after that, one of the stents is "pinched" and blood is flowing backwards somewhere in his heart, so they fix that. All the nurses and doctors involved have been amazing and soo friendly. July of 08 I demand a new primary care doctor, since his original one has told us she is afraid of David medically, which I appreciate her honesty but time to change dr's. His new dr is fantastic... he has finally found out that Dave has autonomic dysfunction, he admits him to hospital for a week and sorts out his meds so that he is better. He is on top of everything and calls Dave to see how he is doing and if he needs anything.

Dave hasn't been in the hospital for 6 now and we are sooooooo happy, God is good.


I do need some prayers though, Dave has to go for a "procedure" tomorrow on his breast. We are both scared and nervous, but, we are praying and not borrowing worry (or trying not to, lol) until we know anything for sure.


Dave has been developing his sense of humour lately... we laugh alot during the day, he cracks himself up so much. ya gotta love him. :) He has alot of good days... it is still hard for him to get around, he walks slow and stumbles alot, but that is okay. He has not fallen in a while which is good. He went to the optomotrist friday, they are recommending that he get the cataract surgery in his left eye, as long as his primary care dr clears him. We'll find that out on the 23 of this month.



We have learnt so much in the last few years, espically what priorities really are, who friends are and how much you are loved. Dave (and I) have changed so much, it's almost like before we were going through "life" with rose coloured glasses on, now that they are off you can see more clearly. Its amazing, even the bad days are ok.... I have Dave with me, even with his new sense of humour...lol... he still sleeps alot and has alot of pain, the dr is trying to find a new med that will work for him... hopefully soon.


I better go I just heard him up .... I'm gonna go and help him down the stairs...


Thank you everyone ... you have all given me encouragement and strength...


Hugs Anne



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you two have been through soooo much! i am happy to hear dave has a new doctor and is sorting things out and getting on the right recovery path. the fact dave is getting his sense of humor back is a real blessing. keep us posted on his progress. i will be thinking of him as he has his procedure and wishing the best. take care, kathy

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I too am glad Dave has been doing so much better. I will pray his procedure goes well. Regaining the sense of homor is wonderful. I have found, for me, that humor helps me to keep truckin along.


I sincerely hope 2009 continues to go well for you and Dave.



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