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Happy Belated New Year!




So, it's been awhile since I wrote!

I am doing very well, everyday is a bit easier than the last. Besides the dizziness and eye issues, I feel like I am doing well. I am able to work and do things I enjoy doing without a substantial amount of effort.

Feeling a bit of anger towards the woman that caused the accident that injured me and caused the stroke, makes me feel guilty, but I have come to realize that she obviously didn't mean it and if she could take it back, I am certain she would.

I don't feel like fostering resentment or anger. I only have time for good things!

I do fear for my health in the future. How will I age? I feel like I am 50 when I am actually only 36. I suppose I should just be grateful I am in such good shape!

2009 will be an incredible year and I think back often to those days where I could not do much but type. The support you all give is immeasurable and I thank you.

wow, a survivor for 2 years in just a few days! I cannot believe it!




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happy belated New year to you too. I learnt important lesson in my stroke journey is forgivineness is gift you give to yourself & not others. I am happy that you are doing better every day. we are still young & have whole life infront of us. so make most of every day.



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