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Not quite as

Wesley H.



Lets be totally honest here; today still sucks. But, not as bad as yesterday did. Don



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Hi Wes, glad today is better. Everyone.. even people without stroke have sucky days. LOL You have a right to them.. Stroke sometimes is a roller coaster ride of emotions.

I never cried easily.. and now I have days.. if someone uses an off tone I can start bawling.. or I can get upset.. and have to remember to bite my tongue before I open my mouth.


Engage brain before opening mouth.. not to great to have foot stuck in it, when you can't stand on one leg. My poor husband is usually the recipient... We do banter and tease and that has always been our relationship... I give him a LOOK and he usually knows he is getting close to the last nerve.


I had a lot of balance issues the first year... if you see a PT you could ask for some balance exercises also. It does get better with time. I still have the wobbly days sometimes, but my balance is much much better than the first 18 months.


If you do balance exercises.. make sure someone is near you.. so you dont end up on your nose.


As for grass and uneven surfaces .. walk on them.. I used the aqua socks.. I could feel under my feet,, and not step on a bee or something yucky..


Heres for an even better tomorrow.





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