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Disfunctional biologically related units




:o Well, my male sibling unit somehow stole one of my checks and my debit card number. He then wrote at least one check for $3065. and then used my debit card number to pay for my cell phone bill, both unauthorized. I tried to report this to the police, but was told since he did not personally gain from this activity there was nothing I could do, no crime was committed.

I then tried to explain the cell phone bill to my female sibling unit. (how my credit card number ended up as payment for my cell phone, especially since my 'father' pays the bill). She just could not understand what happened, it went right over her head. I then had my counselor call my brother-in-law, and he too refused to believe it: that male sibling unit would never do something like that.

Anyone want to adopt me. Must have money and love dogs!



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Have to honest with you Doug..over my head too. I'm not really sure I'm following either.

Best I can figure he used a your debit card to pay for a bill that your father already pays for.

I have to ask because I'm not seeing it. What does he stand to gain from that? What did he do

with the $3,065?

I do love dogs, am up to quota, and don't have money. The best I can do is be your and Teddy's

friend here. Not quite the same as cold hard cash, but hope it will do.

Maria :friends:

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I hope the issues at hand can be resolved. If your Dad pays the bills, then possibly your "male unit" got access to your information at your parent's home. It appears that your folks need to be a bit more cautious about where your financial records are kept.

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