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Ramblings from the echo in my head



I have written many papers in my lifetime, mostly for sales reports in my working life. When I saw there was an opening for the newsletter, I threw my name at Lin. I was so excited. I could be considered for a writing position. Then after reading some of Chris DeWalt's stuff, I realized, I could not carry this guy's keyboard. Yeah I have loose thoughts blasting about my noodle, but have always had a problem staying on task. Dreamer, nothing but a Dreamer. Always wishing for that one thing I would be remembered for. I do have two beautiful, loving, caring daughters and sure I have that lady luck throwing me a light duty stroke and being a suvivor of same, thing. But, When I compare myself to most folks I have met here, I got nothin'. StrokeNet is full of folks that refuse to think of themselves as victims, Just survivors, staying strong and fighting the good fight. Neuro champions and prayer warriors. I admire all you folks out there. If we could bottle up your courage and detemination. wheu!! So, as the echos stop bouncing around in my brain, that's it for this post. A couple hundred words at a sitting is about it. Anything longer is a cut and paste post from this leprechaun.


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you express your thoughts very well. & I think will be great asset to our newsletter if you decide to join till than we will enjoy your blogs lucky we.




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I too enjoy your blog entries. As the newsletter comes out once a month, if you decide to be a writer, you would have time to create your article.


Each of us is unique and you should not judge your abilities against another. Yes, Chris DeWald is an excellent writer and has quite a fan base here :) among members. I'm sure you would also develop a fan base as well :thumbup: .

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