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God I hope this isn't another " Here we go again"



I'm alot nervous, last doctors visit we went throught the normal tests ( Kathleen because of diabetes comes along and is tested as well), three days later I get a call he wants to see me. So my appointment shows up, and my doctor mentions my hemoglobin was alittle low and we should keep an eye on it ( he didn't seem concerned). While we were there he sent us off to the lab for some blood letting, thank god they ran out of leeches and had to use a syringe :yikes:


They also gave me a stool smear kit to do over the next ten days. Just a precaution or ??


My doctor says if he doesn't call then there's nothing to worry about, so five days later I get a call from his office that they want to set up a Colonoscopy ( I haven't even finished the stool smear kit...two days left). Now I'm starting to get worried, what are they looking for, what is he not telling me? ... or am I just being silly because he's being pro-active???






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I will keep you in my prayers. I think your doctor is being proactive so don't worry about it. worrying won't help anyways. easy said than done.




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Any one who has a low hemoglobin reading is thought to have a "slow leak" somewhere so the colonoscopy is usually just a "look see" for tiny fissures rather than something more sinister.


Ray had a colonoscopy last year, same reason. No definite result so they put him on iron and vitamin C for a while.





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I agree, I am sure that the doc is being pro-active. Lucky you. The colonoscopy is a good tool to search for hidden problems. I just had my second one yesterday. The liquid stuff was the pits. But, the sleep that I got during the procedure was wonderful. I was so refreshed and didn't remember a thing.

Good luck. You are lucky that your doctor is pro-active.


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sounds to me like your doctor is right on the ball and taking all precautions with your health care. please try not to worry. i just got called back from my annual mammogram and had to have a recheck and an ultrasound. all turned out well....i am glad i did not waste time with worry. follow-up, get the test and go from there. it sounds, from other posts, that this is not uncommon. i will be sending you positive thoughts.....keep us posted! hugs! kathy

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Seems that the stool smear kit is almost the same test. If there's blood in the stool they will look at the GI track and the colonoscopy is the tool. Now if theres no blood, wonder where they'll look? He said it could be an ulcer, I'd go for that rather than other things I've read about.

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