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How can I seem busy with so much time.



How can we feel busy with so much time


Greetings Its Tuesday the 16th of Febuary 2010. This morning i rode with my 16 year old and brought the old clunker back. I do this to stay in touch with the rest of the world so as not to get used to sleeping till 8 am.

Anyway I did the SSDI thing and also the florida state thing for medical. This was a lot of information I started feeling that overwhelmed fog stuff again after messing with it. Everytime I start thinking I am ready to get back to the grind something always happens to give me a reality check. Better to find out at home I guess, I really have no treatment other than just walking to pump the blood.

Off track a little, The point of today was it took me till lunch to do this crap. The amount of Information the government wants is crazy. I am complaining I can have as many as 5 doctors say I have a problem either short term or long term work related.

What does the government want their own options this is rediculous. More money for doctors and staff.


While answering these questions I never finished my main task for today which was to do the taxes UGH.


We will pass them off for tommorrow. It is not like we have anythng else to do.



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it's great you started working on your SSDI, keep copies of everything & did you have long term disability insurance, then it's good idea to apply for that too. why are you in hurry to pay taxes, so paying taxes can ait till tomoroo(hehehe)


keep on coming we love to hear from you. your son is driving already wow, mine is still 12 but that's what he is thinking about & I will be worrying about it.






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Long term is from the employer and thanks for the positive vibes. Taxes is a long story but to give you a hint this effected more than just my health.

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we also have afternoon chat from 2-3 EST & evening chat from 8-9EST. you can access chatroom from stroke support menu, click on chatroom then click on roam in the left side, select stroke survivor room & join us in





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hi kevin, don't you just love the government's paperwork and chances are they lose it anyway. its good you started the ssdi application now, just in case. getting on medicaid was a good idea too. you might think about food stamps if that will help you out too.

as far as the taxes go, you can put those off, a few days i think, don't overload your brain to much, you will need days to recover, believe me. i hate taxes they are unconstitutional as far as i am concerned. but that's another story. in your spare time you might start an excel worksheet to keep track of your yearly expenses, easier at tax time. i put mine off until the accountant bugs me to death for them. then i buckle down and get started. i hope you get i all sorted out as i'm sure you will. we feel behind a few years with our taxes after my stroke. that was not fun to get all that together to file. i was brain dead for days after that. BTW, ssdi wants their dr to go over everything so they can deny you is basically what it boils down to. if denied you can appeal it. i got mine on my first time around, they knew i was screwed up i guess,lol but once approved they will retro it back to when you applied, not when the determination was reached so that will help. it can take awhile for them to look over your claim. so be prepared to wait. i'm really full of good news huh. sorry but its the truth. i will pray your claim is accepted. stroke is the leading cause of disability and the 3rd leading cause of deaths, i think i have my numbers right.

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Did I make the rt decision on filing the ssdi only 3 months after stroke... I think I read somewhere as soon as possible. SSDI states that when you are permanently disabled one can get a check at the six month interval after filing... Also probably will be denied first time around.


I also have longterm disabil. ins.


Feedback welcome

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