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It isnt Rocky Moutain High but Life is still good.



Well life is settling down again once I saw my fried out the door. It seems almost immediately It was complication after complication for my darling Bill. If anyone ever deserved to get SSDI it is my Bill it is so difficult to manage with Post Polio and Palendromic RA and being deaf.


I dont know if you all have read either in chat or in the forums I am having a time of it with my new doctor. I have got to get this all resolved or tear out what little hair I have left. I went and got one of those chicken butt hair cuts like Kate from Jon and Kate plus eight had. I really love how little time it takes to do my hair. The downside is I may be just a little too old for such asymetrical hairdo. Well really just stopped in to read and catch up with everyone when I noted maybe you all wondered where I had gone Does anyone hear from Wesly anymore? Well I need to go Gary would get a kick out of the fact that my two Shih Tzu are almost as controlling as his kitty HA Karen


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