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Part 2



cont... So as of 3-1-10 I have been on my own with my boy a pug named Butch. He is my world. My husband was my world and to this day he remains to have a big portion of my heart. No matter what happens down the road he was the one there for me everyday in the hospital and assisted me to my therapy appointments. I am confused and angry, but also sad at the same time. I am sure that is a given. Since joinging this group I have realized things happen for a reason. As of 3-22-10 I signed our divorce papers, I thought everything before was fine. I broke down, I didn't handle it well. I even called my husband and begged not to file them. It been a few days since then and I am feeling better now.


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In my journey through life I have found that things happen, some seems without cause, others just because, I do really suspect. Either way at some point we get over it all. I'm in my fourth marriage for the last 12 years and I'm pleased. Not that the other three were bad, just had terrible endings, they all left me.


Sure as fate would have it, I suspected this one was over like yours now when I had my stroke. That didn't happen. She hung in there with me all the way. Even quit her job for two years to care for me. There has been others here who divorced like yours.


In my opinion God works all things out for our good. Hold your head high, take care of you and perhaps the two of you can at least remain friends, especially if there are kids in the mix.


Welcome to Blog world! I don't very often but I try to read as many as I can. I type so slow. :Typing:

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I just read both Part 1 and Part 2. I would like to make it all better for you in a minute but that's not possible. It is hard and it will be difficult as you move beyond the divorce to make your own life. But, you can do it...you are a stroke survivor and did so much to recover. I applaud all that you have done to date and where you are with your health challenges...back to work and driving.


Fred provided some very good advice, too.


Please keep blogging and keeping us posted. There are certain to be lonely times especially in the wee hours of the morning...Stroke Net is here for 24/7.

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Hi Tonya:


welcome to wonderful world of blogging. I read both of your parts. I am sorry you are going through divorce right now. In chinese proverb. it says you never know whether current circumstances are bad or good. give some time to heal and life will unfold its mystery to you. Believe in this thing Universe is out there to support you, so whatever is happening in your life is for your own good. even when it seems painful now. but just hold on better times are around the corner. you are still young, give life chance. Keep on blogging it will heal you (my experience)




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