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Three Years Post-Stroke Anniversary



Saturday is my three-year post-stroke anniversary! Today I went out to lunch with several friends and we then went to several garden stores looking for flowers to plant. It is amazing how far one can come in stroke recovery...of course, I wore my brace but it is so lightweight. Life is good!


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Hello, hello Stessie,


A big :congrats: on your anniversary Saturday for three years stroke recovery. I bet it seem a lot longer? Hope you celebrate in some way and snap a few pictures.


You could have gone to your local Walmart for your plants, seeds or anything to plant. I stopped in today, they were loaded down with a bunch of everything for the yard, garden and hanging plants too.


This year they got the upside down peppers, red, like the tomatoes were last year that I never got them to grow.


Have fun on your day!

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Stessie It is always a real boost to read your blogs and post to the forum and chats. Congratulations on your anniversary and know that we are celebrating it with you. I am still trying to not let my latest stuff get to me or let the prognosis be a worry. I am glad I saw your blog it really got me smiling on the inside. Hugs Karen

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:congrats: Stessie, I'm proud of you for sticking it out for this long. I mean what else can you say. You Blogs are truly insprational!!



Bruce Schwentker

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