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Sat and Sun....the last 2 days of my 4 day weekend



Sat. We went to the pool and had our hour session.

We had to go and gas up the car.

William got the day off and had some rest. He actually stayed up and watched TV.

Finally at 6P he decided that he wanted to rest in bed. He forgot...we are going to a wedding reception tonight.

at 7P I got him up and he wanted to get something to eat. I told him about the reception and he was willing to go. I dressed him up in a suit and I wore a nice pant outfit. I have found that pants are necessary to lug the wheelchair and lift William's let in and out of the car. It is not very lady like to have to lean over and lug a wheelchair in a dress.

The wedding reception was a friend that I have mentored since she was in high school. It was an India cutural wedding reception. William and I enjoyed it ...The sari's were gorgeous and the food was good. I love Indian food. William enjoyed the food also. The variety was not so hot spicey.

We got home about 11P. William was exhausted and fell directly to sleep.

At 3P he is up asking about getting ready for Sunday...church and sunday school. I tell him that it is too early. I want to get up at 7A. Well, this happens every Sunday morning. William keeps wanting to get ready for church. starting at 2Am and every hour thereafter.

We get to church early. I find a Whataburger and buy a breakfast burrito and sausage biscuit to bring to church. We get there 30 min early so. we have plenty of time to eat before service starts.

After service and sunday school. I take William to the pool. WE only do 20 min. I took him to the cold pool. But he has a nice long shower and we get a treat on the way home.

He didn't fight me about the pool..He said that he would try and he did.

We get home and I fix a sandwich for lunch. William is not snoozing in his recliner. I have all of the windows open to air out the house. it is a wonderful day today.

Tomorrow we have a CERT (citizent emergency relief team) meeting. I will try to get William into the pool after the meeting. Then i should be off to work. Week starts again.


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Ruth, I marvel at how much you fit into your life. William is so lucky to have you as his caregiver. :You-Rock:


Keep up the exercise, :gym: it is so good for William and gets you out into the community too.



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