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Good weekend until Sunday night



Sunday we went to our granddaughter's birthday party at a place called Pump-it-Up. Rachel is 4 and she had a good time jumping on trampolines and going down slides with her friends. We opted to go to the last part where she opened gifts and we had cake. We missed so many family events last year so this was a must for us. Sunday night I watched the Oscars after putting Larry to bed. I watched the entire thing and went to bed only to get up a few minutes later. The wind was howling and hail coming down and sirens later went off. We had another tornado warning! I got Larry up and put his shoes on. We were thinking of going to the basement but the TV channel said the storm was moving east. We were lucky we didn't have any damage but power was still out in several areas this morning and some schools closed. Larry's rehab doctor appt. was canceled due to power outage at the rehab facility. This has been one wierd winter! Anyway, I'm happy this storm didn't happen earlier with all the kids at the party.


(I had another version posted on my blog but lost the entire thing!) :head_hurts: I posted about our not so exciting Friday and Sat. but too tired to post it all again.




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I know how frustrating it is to loose what you spent so much time on, but believing its for best eases the pain, though I sometime write my blog in MS word & then when I m done writing & ready to post I copy & paste from MS word to here that way I handle less frustration if its lost. though sometimes writing & deleting bad part of your day can be therupetic too.



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Julie: Wow and I complain about snow. At least I don't have to move us to the hallway in the middle of the night. Funny one of Bruce's friends just Emailed about our patience with weather conditions. She is New Mexico born and bred. Their weather is pretty consistent and rarely do they get the variances we get here in the NE.


Glad you are both safe and sound, house is intact and you got to enjoy your granddaughter's birthday.


Spring is coming! Debbie

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Tornadoes are scary. WE get hurricane warning here. I am glad that all is well and you are both safe and sound.

i have lost some blogs and like you ...was too tired to re-do it.



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