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Moving forward



Yesterday I found that I could raise my wrist to neutral from a position of the wrist hanging over the edge of the table. I was able to do this without the use of the electrical stimulation. It's a small thing to everyone else but a very big thing for me.


My index finger and thumb on my left hand stay straight most of the time now. I've been able to achieve this by getting Botox and using the electrical stimulation to strengthen the fingers and thumb.


My life is now a series of small victories, but at least it's moving in the right direction. My left shoulder continues to get a little stronger with the PT I am currently doing. I have one month more of PT for my shoulder then I hope to get two months of stroke rehab again. I start HBOT again next week one time a week for at least 10 weeks.


My left leg and right knee on the other hand seem to be getting worse I am hoping the stroke rehab will help them.


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:cheer:good for you! Victories is what it is all about. I hurt my shoulder when I had my stroke, falling. when I would sleep I was is pain, so the orthopedic doctor had me get an x-ray. He said he sees this happen to allot

of stroke patients. I got corticosteroid injections twice. After that I was able to put my shoulder in any direction with no pain.

My belief from my experience that the when the wrist starts responding like yours, you figures will follow. I found squeezing a tennis

ball benefited me in moving my figures.

The exercise for the lower half should deafeningly help.

remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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