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The painted churches of Texas.....



Friday we went on an outing and saw 4 different painted churches in Schulenberg.

This was a long day. We left the house at 6:30A ...got to the YMCA at 7A and the bus left at 7:30A. William was excited to go. This is the 3rd time that we have been to the painted churches. It is a wonderful tour. I did alot of reading and research before the trip. I took lots of pictures and made a DVD of our trip. It is really spectacular.

We got home at 5P. I told WIlliam that we needed to do the pool when we got back. He didn't want to, but he went along with my idea. I explained that the warm water in the pool would make him feel good after such along bus ride. It certainly felt good to me. William agreed that he felt better after the pool and his shower.

He came home and was exhausted.

Saturday..it was raining in the morning and I let William sleep in. We were both exhausted from the long day on Friday. We both took it easy until the afternoon. THen i told William that we had to get the truck inspection done and the tires aired up and we had to make it to the library. I had to return some books.

William agreed to go with me. He had promised that he would help me with the truck. This means that he rides with me and doesn't just wait for me at home.

William was really tired. I told him that he had to have a shower...because he needed to be ready for church the next day. You should have heard him. I don't want to go to church if I have to be sanitized every time I go. He doesn't realize that He would get a shower no matter what he did the following day.

William was confused about the Bible study and the lunch and TV after wards. He was just in a grouchy mood. I finally told him to just go to bed.

I was reading about a stroke survivor that could feel her weak left side if she touched it with her right hand. She was not able to feel if somebody else touched her weak side. Interesting. i asked William if he could feel his left side. He said yes. i wonder if he really can.

Good night.


Oh, yes, After church, I took Willaim to the pool as usual. He didn't really want to go, but he did not give me a bad time about it. He knows the schedule.


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Ruth you let William do so much that he enjoys but still do the things you HAVE to do. Good for you both. I wish looking back that I had insisted a little more with Ray...sigh.


Keep up the good work.



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I know he was tired, I would have been too, glad you enjoyed the outing, that was a way from your house!

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Ruth: I was tired after reading this. Don't know how you do it. I could have done the shower, pj's and to bed Friday night, never would have gotten the pool in after an entire day of a "field" trip!


Our pool has been cold this week, they are working on it, but still on a 25 degree day, with a wind chill of 10 degrees, it is tough to do. We closed the curtains to the co=ed shower and just let the steam rise-lol. Still, as you always advise, were glad we did it.


Good week and keep on truckin'-Debbie

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