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A Few road bumps



I haven't been ln here for a while I guess that is because the weather has gotten warmer and I'm trying ti ride my bike more. Anyway.. I'm falling into a bit of a funk for I'm trying to loss this stroke weight and I lost 50lbs before in like 3 months by riding my bike. Granted I was able to go 20 miles a day and also was pre stroke. I think that is the hardest part. My Physician also informed that some of the medicines I take also contribute to my inability to lose weight. It sounds so petty but I ballooned up to double my size.To a younger survivor it is horrible to not be able to wear all my clothes.I'm feeling not as sexy for my husband loves me we're like two roommates. I know Its dues to a lot of stress. I feel it's my weight though I know him well enough to say no. He loves me not my weight and he never makes it an issue. Never tells me I look fat. He is just glad I'm here. Which I can't blame him... I am too.I know it takes time and Ive excepted it does but its hard for me to except. Get it?


I've feel Ive come full circle in my grieving process. Just as I think what it is ..is I tend to get angry all over again and crying.Not sure how to look at this.I'm just hitting some pot holes in my journey but I wish the pavers would make it better.. my chassy is taking a beating.


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OH wow do I know how you feel. Between feeling like a landed whale, and being scared silly that I might have another stroke, Sam and I are facing the same situation. He, too, is wonderfully understand and supportive.


Everyone tells you that weightloss is "simple mathmatics," take in fewer calories than you use in a day. Yeah, I wish it was that easy. Some of teh medications I am on make losing weight very difficult too.


The weight does come off, but it does it at a glacial pace. All we can do is keep working at it. It will happen. Unfortunately, not like it did when we were in our 20's.


I feel you, Smittly. And I'm here when you need a shoulder!

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Kelli, you know the saying, better or worse, richer or poorer, you are still the same wife regardless of size.


I know you are just glad to get outside on your bike instead of riding in two feet of snow or rain!


I'm happy for you little lady! :happydance: Ride on, it's cheaper than buying gas these days! You may can ride it to the store? :beerhat: :scooter:

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