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TV's acting up...



Looks like we're about to join the lcd, flatscreen revolution, finally. I know it's probably just a loose connection inside and should be easy to fix, but without the right test equipment and schematics, I'd have to pay somebody else to fix it and that would cost more than a new set....


Of course, the other alternative is to just not replace it and find something else to occupy the evening hours.


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You are right and in my case I can't bend enough to tighten a plug in the wall or even look behind the TV set much less get down on my knees to unhook stuff. I just got a flat screen during Christmas time with them being on sale then.


So you may be better off getting a new one. By the time I got my old one downstairs the cabinet was all cracked in many places and ready for the curb side trash pick-up.


I'm the guy that still have red lights blinking on my electronic stuff I bought years ago. Never learned how to stop it from blinking! :big_grin:

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hi Pat:


we also ended up buying lcd tv when our old tv broke though hubby's refusal to pick up & throw it outside since its so heavy made me look hard to get it fixed, it needed sauldering though ofcourse I can't so had it to get it fixed by calling repairmen at home. Though we already have lcd tv & its picture quality much better than our old sony tv. so no harm in buying better tv now.




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If you get my reply in time get a LED not LCD the LCD is already slated for being ancient technology we compared the price and still even though they are higher $$$ they are sleeker and thinner and take far less energy Other than the newest genre of 3D you are at the peak with the LED Our son has a LCD and they like it but are a bit regretful they did not spend a little more and our other son has a Plasma and really likes it so it is really all what you like and feel the most comfortable viewing Cost can be a factor as well Have a great time with whatever you choose and enjoy Karen



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