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Spring Break and St. Patrick's Day



Well members, it's spring break week here in Texas and probably where you are too, if you live somewhere in the US 50 states. This week there is so much national news with the big earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The national Football league now in court to see if there will be football played this season. The two sides are miles apart in what each one wants and neither side is giving an inch. The judge is now the one to try and settle the issue.


I just hope we have football this season but if not then we know from years past with the Major League Baseball sides how it can never be settled in time for the season opener game.

I can't say too much either way, I haven't purchased a ticket to see a game of football nor baseball in many, many years.


Your kids are on spring break and I hope the parents and the kids take notice and not travel south into Mexico for spring break. It's just not deemed to be a safe place this year with the drug cartel controlling much of the country.


Then the gas prices are going through the roof right now makes driving long distances very expensive while hotel prices are not what I call cheap! The economy is not good, people are still out of work and everybody is trying their best just to keep the family home,the kids clothed and food on the table. It could be years before things are on the rebound!


You know this week is St. Patrick's day on Thursday so don't forget to wear your green or you may get pinched! Don't ask me where that started, I have no idea. I do know as a youth, Patrick was captured by pirates and sold as a slave. After 6 years of servitude, he escaped and returned to his home, where he began the ministry that would ultimately lead to the Christianization of Ireland, which in turn became a center of Christian influence throughout Europe.


Many of God's greatest soldiers have undergone excruciating trials before God has used them According to the book of Hebrews, chapter 5, Jesus "learned obedience from what he suffered" and we all know he ended up on the cross paying for all our sins!


We have encountered a few trials of our own and in my case has taught be to be humble and look to God for my help! I'm very thank He gave me a second chance at life and living for him at my age! I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." :big_grin:


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thanks for your blog, always something new, your kindness,great spirit & spirituality always shines through your blogs. I feel the same way about God & appreciate getting this second chance of making difference in lives of my loved ones.



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I'm told St. Patrick Day is big in Canada, so tomorrow, I hope you all get out, wear your green and enjoy a Sunny day relaxing! :rolleyes: :You-Rock:

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