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We don't have cats, we have an infestatin.



My son dropped his cat off for us to babysit on Sunday. Since then, I hae spent my days locating th places where th "little darling" has been scent marking my home. Garion owes me for this. We have 5 cats of our own. Both of our males are neutered. The cat boxes are scooped daily and th litter is completely changed once a week. Our house does not typically smell of cat. Enter Tier.doh.gif


Not only has he been making my home his territory, but he has been driving his mother nuts, trying to get her interested in him. SHe is having none of it and has smacked him cross-eyed a few times aready. His older sister is anothe rstory. She happend to go into season th day after Tier was dropped off, and has been relegated to my bedroom until tomorrow morning, when Garin takes Tier to th vet for neutering. I can't wait until 7:30 tomorrow morning.microwave.gif


He is a sweet cat, but he has brought utter chaos into my house these past few days. Th esnuggling only keeps us from turning him into dinner. He has also made me long for th days when Laney and Tom's cats are out of my house. Lanet says it won't be much longer. SHe needs to get ther rabies shots up to date and pay th deposits at their apartmet complex, then she can take them home.


That will leave us with 3 cats, one of which is actually Logan's cat, but he is neutered, well mannered amd loving, so we don't mind keeping him a little while after Logan moves in with Laney and Tom.


Right now, however, th bunch of them are driving me crazy!startle.gif


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The cats in my life have always come to me second hand apart from two brothers I had early in our marriage, fully paid up Fight Club memebrs.


I well remember them climbing and skiing down my lace curtains and shredding them with their claws. Until they were neutered had the same problems with scent marking. We are without a cat at the moment and I must say I miss the snuggles.



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may i congratulate you on your patienceClap-Hands.gif .when son went into marines he gifted us with his dog, sable, she is still with us at age 11 more than 10 yrs and i'm happy to have her.blessings lynn

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