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i know that blogging is very theraputic so here goes



well i just found out that my dog chance pass away , there is a shot of chance in the gallery with my grandson holding chance we got chance as a puppy after i hads a stroke so chance has been with us for 10 years now and i remember after i was in gf stong my wife and my family came to visit me with chance in hand and of coarse as a puppy every one wanted to hold chance and chance use to run around in the hospital grounds chance went to the bet and the vet told my daugter that chance pass away from kiddney failure and i should tell you why it is very difficult dealing with the loss when darlene brought chance out in vancouver to see me i said how did you ever come up with the name and my daughter said well we figure that you were giving a second chance so we named it chance after you so yes it is sad and chance use to always sit next to me while i was in chat just waiting for me to go and when i was finish chance would get up and come down stairs with me i hope that you don"t mind that it is not a happy blog but i feel alot better just talking about it sue and you know blogging is very therapy you can just get all the hurt out of you and chancwe you will be mismunch in our family chance use to always come in to his bed which is next to my bed and snore really loud i guess there won"t be any snoring now


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I am sorry for your loss, but I am sure in this 10 years chance has given you & your family lot of joyful memories of him. loosing pet is not easy, but it's part of life



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Sorry to hear that news Lenny as he was like family by this time, but there is another one to take his place. Look around you may get the same breed and color you know! :rolleyes:


And you can name him "Second Chance"! :big_grin: :unsure:

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Lenny: Chance has been your best buddy through all of this stroke recovery stuff. My heart breaks for you and your family. He will be sorely missed. Take your time to grieve, heal. And yes, please do post as time goes on as to your feelings. If it helps, we are here for you, just as you have been for all of us. Big hug and please know I will be thinking of you. Debbie

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:forgive_me?: :friends:

Dear Lenny:

I am so happy to see you have blogged. This is the best thing to do... like you have stated it is very healing and gives you peace.You are very loved and cared about here and there are quite a few of us who have lost a beloved fur baby. I can relate with you as I had gotten my precious Harley Boy when I got home from my long Hospital and Rehab stay. He became my therapy dog and when he passed away it was terrible. BUT, there came another blessing for me... when the timing was right, BEAU came into our lives. He is working out great and the love he gives to me is unconditional. He is doing really well and it has been a year of learning one another ... but there is JOY again in our lives. In time, God will place just the right four legged one in yours as well. I love your Blogs so I hope you will update and let us know how you are doing. Please know you are not going through this by yourself. You have so many who truly care about you. Please let your family know I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Just take things a day at a time.

I have great comfort in knowing Chance crossed over that Rainbow Bridge and Harley met him and they have been running around all day. Both of them whole and perfect.


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Lenny, I was just reading your post through tears. I know how you feel as I have lost pets also. Chance was lucky to have you for his friend as well. I don't have a dog but my cats were of great comfort to me when Larry first had his stroke. I could go home and cuddle with them while Larry was still in recovery at the hospital. I hope you find another pet to be your friend. I also want to thank you for being so supportive on the StrokeNet forum. It means a lot to all of us. :You-Rock:



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I am so sorry to hear about Chance. I know what it is like to lose your buddy. As you may remember I lost Brown Sugar (my buddy) in March of last year. I still miss him a great deal but it's not quite so bad now as it was in March of last year. I now have Fudge(my new buddy) and having her helps lessen the pain of losing Brown sugar. When you're ready find new buddy there are plenty in the shelters and rescue groups that would love to be your new buddy. My heart goes out to you hang in there it will get better.

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So sorry to hear Chance has passed away Lenny. I know I am late with this but I just now read your post. I am sure you have many souvenirs of Chance to help you through these hard times. Take care Lenny,



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