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4Am is it time to go????



We had to be at the YMCA for a trip. The meeting time is 5:30AM...the bus leaves at 6A. That means that we have to get up early. William is excited. We are going to see a dairy farm, a candy store, a jail and a courthouse, and a bakery. This is a long day in LaGrange, Texas. A very historic town. William is managing very well today.

He is able to make it up the wagon to go on a hay ride. Amazing? He is not able to sleep the entire day. We are scheduled to get back at 5:30P.


William knows to ask what we are going to do when we get back. I tell him. We are going to the pool of course. What better way to end the day. This will make us both feel better and I will miss the bad Friday night traffic.


William reluctantly agrees and lets me take him to the pool.. i tell him that we have a goal of 30 min today since we are both tired. It works. i miss the horrible traffice and we get home and are both feeling good.


I fix some leftovers and play some polka music that i bought at the Czech center in la Grange. That is where we had lunch.

I bought some famous texas pralines at the candy store. William and I shared one. It was delicious. I have two more left for another day.


I tried a poppy seed kolache. This is very czech. I had never tried one before. I asked what the difference was in the koaches with fruit and the puppy in a blanket things. I was told the the pigs in a blanket were not called kolaches in Czech but something else.

William ate dinner and then was up until 8P. I suggested that he go to bed. He had a really long day. He is out like a light. i told him that he has not been in bed all day long. He hit the bed and was out like that! I bet that he will be exhausted tomorrow. Before he passed out he said that Saturday is the day that we watch cooking and sewing and beading shows. That is after the pool of course.




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Wow! You had a fun filled day. I wish I was their. I'm Czech Ruth. As far as I known Pigs in the Blanket are Pigs in the Blanket - Cut the core of the cabbage and boil the head in salted water, when the leaves start coming off the stalk take a leaf cut the hard part out, in the mean time put together the filling. ground chuck, instant rice, salt, pepper, can of crushed tomatoes, onion, garlic. Mix that up and in each cabbage leaf you will put a tablespoon on and roll like rolling a egg role. Place them in a roaster take another can of crushed tomatoes ad some sugar and water, pour over the rolls. Bake covered for 1hr. Make mashed potatoes, and wa la! Pigs in the blankets for dinner. They make a great Entree', add a veggie, potatoes. Oh! I forgot, take the triangle you cut out of each leaf and chop them up and lay on top of the layer of sauce. You've used 1 whole head of cabbage. Need more info pm me.

The kolache' we make dozens of them at Christmas time, and for weddings and baby showers.

Smart move to plan to go to the Y and miss the traffic. That's what I would of done Ruth.

Sounds like William was a good boy and you enjoyed yourself as well. remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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4 a.m. :yikes: I have to drag Larry out of the bed at 8 a.m.!

How do you do it Ruth?


It does sound like you both had fun. Wish I could get Larry up and running. I'm going to try to get him out today as we have one of those rare nice days. I know you have to push a little but I doubt Larry would have the energy for all that you and William do.

Another Czech thing I've heard which is done at Easter is to bake a whole egg in the center of a stollen. Maybe it is a Polish thing?? That cabbage dish does sound good. I can see me making it and then Larry wouldn't eat it.



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Ruth: great day trip. I am so impressed that William made it up into the hay wagon. I would have been impressed that he just tried. Jeannie's recipe does sound wonderful. Maybe next rain-snow in day we will give it a shot. I too love cabbage dishes. Czech polka music-sounds interesting. Good week, Debbie

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