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Inspiration for a Wednesday




"Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action. "







"I AM who I AM and that is PERFECT for me






NolaKay Erman, Stroke Survivor






Now you understand





Just why my head's not bowed.





I don't shout or jump about





Or have to talk real loud.





When you see me passing





It ought to make you proud.





I say,





It's in the click of my heels,





The bend of my hair,





the palm of my hand,





The need of my care.





'Cause I'm a woman










Phenomenal woman,





That's me.





Maya Angelou, Poet Loriate









"Yesterday, I cried.









sat on the edge of my bed,









kicked off my shoes, unhooked my bra,









and I had myself a good cry."





— Iyanla Vanzan








Nothing Gold Can Stay





Nature's first green is gold,





Her hardest hue to hold.





Her early leaf's a flower;





But only so an hour.





Then leaf subsides to leaf,





So Eden sank to grief,





So dawn goes down to day





Nothing gold can stay.





Robert Frost





Hi all focused on poetry today that I love and hope you find them worth reading. Sorry I had formatting issues today.


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thanks for great quotes, poetry is not my cup of tea yet, but I am sure I can learn to like & appreciate them. loved the quote by stroke survivor. I should say every morning atleast 10 times before those negative voices in my head start telling me wrong things about myself



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I wanted to mix things up a bit. Much of Maya's books are expanded poetry on the same subject so be prepared if you read Phenomenal Woman or Why the Caged Bird Sings. She has some books that deal with social issues so read the description to make sure you don't wind up with a book filled with poetry. NolKay and I were sharing our personal Mantra and when I saw heres I knew it was perfect for the blog asked her permissio to share on the blog and she said yes without hesitation. That is what I love about this group they are here to support in any way they can. Asha find that mantra and recite it before you even open your eyes to push those negative thoughts right out!


Any thoughts for entries in the blog please share I want to make it appealing to the broadest group possibled


Love ya

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Blog whatever is on your mind that you'd like to share. Your great attitude, warmth, and positive outlook are contagious, inspiring and always welcome.


Maria :mwah:

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