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our daughter and family visit



We are missing our son Trevor who is holidaying up in Queensland with his little family but just had our daughter Shirley, her husband and two kids here for a day and a half. They decided on impulse that they could squeeze in a visit if they just moved a few meetings etc and up they came. They hit a lot of traffic but said it was all worth it to spend some time with us. I am talked out and Ray is tired out. It was so lovely to have them come for a visit, however short.


Shirley and family are not hard to have stay as they work their activities around ours. Yesterday I had chat and so they went for a walk while I was doing that. Then we had lunch and some walking, Craig pushed Ray in the wheelchair, home for naps and then of out to dinner. It was lovely buffet food and I think I ate my weight in seafood.


This morning we had the shower nurse come so the children went for a walk with Craig and Shirley and I went to see Mum. My Mum is permanently in a wheelchair and I think Shirley was shocked in a way to see how much she had deteriorated since she saw her last September. She was awake and asleep as she usually is. Mum has a tray with a "fiddle rug", a tray cloth that has different textured attachments like a thick string with three wooden beads, several different knotted wool ties, large buttons, a twisted wool worm. Shirley got one of the wool ties between Mum’s fingers and she pulled on that.


When morning tea came (a concentrated vitamin rich milk supplement) she helped Mum to drink it. As I do, I think she felt as if she had done something good by being there. Particularly as` one of the aides said: “She does have some other relatives then.” As I am usually the only one to visit it did make a change. Ray comes when I have to go check on her and I have no-one else to mind him, but he is uncomfortable there.


We have made plans to go to Shirley’s at the end of next month. This time she wants us to take our car so we have worked out a way of doing that with Trevor’s help. I don’t drive through the city of Sydney now, it is too busy, the traffic is too fast and there is nowhere to toilet Ray if he suddenly wants to go. With a co-driver I can get in the back seat and help him with the urinal.


I have just realised that over Easter this year I will have six days without care as our provider is not doing care during that period and Daycare will not be operating on the Monday. I enjoy the free time even if I still go shopping or pick up Ray's medications. I also use it for visiting Mum and a couple of old friends in nursing homes too. It is "me time" if it is something I choose to do. I didn’t send Ray to Daycare yesterday as we had our daughter here but then we had the walk and a lot of lovely talk so I feel as if I did something out of the ordinary.


Tomorrow I have Tori come for a visit for four days. This is a chance to have some Tori and Granma time. Without Lucas here she will also be able to do some quiet reading which she loves to do. We will also take her to the shopping centre to do a little buy up and I plan to take her to the movies next Monday.


Ray can’t go to Scallywags tomorrow as they have a day out to one of the local Clubs planned. There is too much walking involved and Ray would need to be in the wheelchair and that is why he can’t go. He will probably sleep a lot tomorrow anyway, tired from the exciting family visit.


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your happiness shines through this blog, family visits does break routine of life & if its filled with people we love then its cherry on top. You are fortunate to have great kids.



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You are so lucky to have such a close knit and supportive family. My daughter is the most supportive but unfortunately she lives in another state. Have a good visit.



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Sue, You and Ray raised some pretty wonderful kids. They put you first over their needs. I can just visualize a big white glow around your family. :You-Rock:remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean

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Sue: wonderful visit. I am so glad you are enjoying them and they enjoying their time with Dad, GrandDad and you. I am pleased they want to interact and help out. Ray must be loving the attention. Thank you for sharing. Debbie

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