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Volunteered at the poodle shelter



William and I went to the poodle shelter today. This was in place of the pool. William was excited...He calls me at work and tells me that is does not make sense to take a shower before he visits the dogs. I agree with him. Initially I had planned to have him shower before I got home from work.


William wanted to eat lunch, but I told him that we had to visit the dogs. William absolutely loved it. He was not too excited about the really excited jumpy dogs. They made him nervous. But, luckily they had alot of quieter dogs. They loved being help and groomed. William petted them and I groomed them. They would snuggle up to William and want to be petted. William was afraid that they would bite him. But, he got over that.


After we got home, he told me that he wants to go back again. I told him since they arer 2 blocks away. we can go as often as he wants.


He agreed with me. This is better than having a dog in our house. He watched them peeing and pooping and said that they were like him. I saw that and thought, I do not have to clean that up. Yes, visiting dogs will work perfectly for us. William wants a dog and this way he gets to spend time with lots of different dogs.


There was one dog that has congestive heart failure. William loved the fact that the dog had the same illness that he has. That dog was perfect. Older and just wanted to sit and be petted and brushed.




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Ruth that is great. You went from pool to poodle. LOL That is a great thing for both you and William to do and good for the poodles as well. They use to bring in dogs to the rehab center when Larry was an inpatient there. One of the dogs was a very large poodle. He was very loving. I wish Larry would get as excited about something as William does.



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I am so thrilled and happy that everything worked out so well with the dogs for you and WIlliam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bouncesmile.gifhappydance.gifClap-Hands.gif I'm so very happy that he had a good time and wants to go back again. I hope this turns out to be a really good thing for both you two and the dogs. I'm sure it will!!!!

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Ruth: thank you for blogging. I saw your heading and went right to the blog. Couldn't wait to hear of your experience and how William did. Bruce, like Larry, loved the Pet therapy at the Rehab. I was advised early on to get a pet for Bruce here at home, but like you, already have a full plate. So we have our darling Kira, devoted to Bruce and cats just don't require the same attention.


I am smiling thinking of William with the puppies. I can just imagine how thrilled he was, but also tending to them and knowing they needed the attention and love and he could give back. Something to focus on other than stroke. Your positive experience will push me to do something similar at our local Shelter. Again, thank you. Debbie

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