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Happy Birthday Moose and Mookie!



Monster was formally invited to a birthday party, at the dog park, for his 2 friends, Moose, a pit/shepard mix, and Mookie, a great dane/pit mix. Doggie parents were, of course, also invited. We RSVP'd that he would love to come and marked the calendar. Last night was the party.


Ashley and Patrick, their parents, went all out! There was food for both doggies and humans, games of frisbee and ball, music, there was even a doggie birthday cake and a human birthday cake! Everyone had a great time! They gave out party bags to all the dogs who attended. Inside were lots of treats, a ball and a squeaky toy!


Monster saw his squeaky toy and that has been the only toy he has played with since he found it! Normally he doesn't like toys that make sounds, but he seems to love this little stuffes puppy with the squeaker in its belly. He even brought it to the office today.


I've never seen people throw a party for the dogs as if they were human children, before. Most "doggie parties" are really partys for the humans, under the lable of being for the dogs. This one was different.


Maybe, since Monster and I share the same birthday, we will throw a combined party for his friends and for mine. We can try to reserve the pavillion closest to the dog park, or see if we can reserve the smaller of the 2 enclosures and just have the party in the dog park.


It is definitely something to think about. Sam and I both think it would be a lot of fun.




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Sounds like great fun and big spending, bighearted people throwing the party. I have been to many childrens' birthday parties over the years and I know some people do treat their fur babies as if they are their children.


For me, the main thing is that you and Sam are getting out and about and enjoying the company and outdoor activity. Keep up the good work.



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Sue, I don't think Monster would let me stop going out and about. I had a dizzy spell yesterday and decided not to go to the dog park. Monster took a play from the cats' book and staged "mad puppy hour," galloping, leaping and racing all over the house until we gave in and took him to the park.


As far as wanting to get out and about more, Monster is the one to give the credit. Since bringing him into the fold, I am far more motivated to be and become more active. He is a great motivator! You just can't say no or stay unhappy with that sweet little face or the tail that wags so hard his whole back end wiggles.

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