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lesson to self; listen to self.



had grandkids from 7:30 until 6:30. tues. after 11 hrs. husband and i had it. son comes in tells us that he and wife heading for divorce. told him to not even say that. says he's not kidding. he got a job at a paper mill driving forklift all day.agrees to take it although it's over an hour away and a swingshift and wants no part of it. he.received an email today to take a test for a verizon job in buffalo. that's about 5 hrs. awayhead_hurts.gif . he's ready to move because it's the kind of job he wants, lineman,wife says no way. he says yes. wife no longer talking to him; my pressure rises. i'm upset but tell myself keep mouth shut; they're grown-ups and have to work it out themselves. this is extremely hard for me to do because in a nano second i can envision every scenerio. proud of myself for listening to self and being quiet. today all is calm and reason has again prevailed. they talked and listened to each other and son is taking job at mill while continuing to look for other opportunities while pulling in paycheck. thankfully things seem to be all right.i did tell him today after all was done, that marriage; 39 yrs. this june; often is love the person all the time but sometimes don't like them very much. yesterday was supposed to be last time we babysat unless we picked them up from sitter. today already asked to watch them wed. from 7:15 a.m. until 6:30 p.m.i was actually looking forward to a little break. one at a time is great but two is really stressful. any way all quiet on the homefront. pressure down for now. relax until next calamity. hey they worked it out without mom's interference, just as i kept trying to tell myself.

happy to have the computer back wireless. good thing i didn't rant needlessly to you guys last nightwhoosh.gif . thanks for always being there blessings lynnpash.gif


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Lynn, with three kids and six grandkids I can empathise. Yes eleven hours is a long time to look after little ones.


A complicating factor for me is that Ray jumps when there are loud noises so I can't have the two little boys aged three and four but can have their nine year old sister during school holidays to give her time out and their Mum a break. It must seem like favouritism to them though.



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I am glad you kept quiet & let them sort out their differences. Marriage is all about doing adjustment & letting go for each other. can't give up on each other once kids are involved. glad everything sorted out by itself & your computer is fixed.



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