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Step two



I found out my left Carotid Artery is over 80% blocked. Going it for surgery to get it "cleaned out". Really glad this was discovered. Want to do all I can to prevent a future stroke. The ultasound (doppler) doesn't do as good a job at finding the blockage :D , Glad my doctor sent me for a MRA. My Guardian Angel keeps a good eye on me !!!! :D:D


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Wayne, glad you made this discovery and can do something about it to improve the situation. No you don't want to have another stroke, Ray has had five and multiples are no fun.


Thanks for updating your blog and keeping us up with your life.



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Wayne, Ask them what they are doing to guarantee that no debris will be allowed to travel to the brain. Hope they told you that 100% blockage is not a problem, the real problem is that the plaque will rupture, clot and the clot will let go travelling to the brain. Ask them about the Circle of Willis.


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