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Day to Day



I haven't had time to get on here lately because I don't have the free time. There is so much going on right now. Dad is doing good but he has some really bad days too at times. He will go for hours just yelling and screaming about something and then when he finally stops and I tell him that what he has been yelling about is not what he thinks he heard me or my mom say. He gets things confused all the time and then gets mad. I have figured out to let him talk and then explain to him what I actually said to him or I write it down for him to read. He is always saying something and thinking that he said it right and he's not so then I don't know what he really wants and then he gets mad. I just smile at him and tell him to say it one more time but slower. He hates therapy! Just to say the word therapy in this house leads to a long argument and he yells and throws and slams things. He gets really mad about therapy. The therapy service provider doesn't not know how to deal with stroke victims. Routine is key and they never keep the same routine no wonder dad gets mad. I can understand why dad gets mad a lot of the time now because he doesn't understand or he just feels like he can't do anything even though he can. He is slowly improving in some ways but still has a long long long way to go. He talks all the time about anything and everything under the sun. I hear some of what he says but only when it is important otherwise I listen to some of it. I graduate in about two weeks and dad will be at my graduation. I hope that it doesn't confuse him I don't want him to get aggrevated.




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Your right about routine is the key. My suggestion is you need to demand routine by your caregivers, politely.

My husband has aphasia from his stroke. I have to make a plan with him, and do it the way we discussed the plan. I cant decide to take a detour. that makes him mad, confused and flustered. So I feel for you but just plan with him included and follow the plan. pm me is you want to talk some more. remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean:cocktail:

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I agree with Jeannie and check with the provider if they have people trained to work with people with dementia as dementia sufferers have a similar need for routine.


Try a different way of speaking to your Dad, talk to him slowly, use concise phrases with short sentences. So something like:"Dinner is ready Dad. Come and sit down. It is something you will enjoy." three sentences at a time was as much as Ray could take in at one time.


It is hard for you all that your Dad is so frustrated and it is manifesting in his screaming episodes. Try to set a routine for him, keep assuring him he is safe, he is loved, you will do your best to look after him.


It is hard to do what is best for everyone isn't it? I tried so hard when I looked after both my Mum and my husband I almost sent myself crazy. So try to get some others involved in helping if you can , volunteers or paid workers and share the load.



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