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Will there be Football this Season?



Still no information on the NFL playing this season. It's still in the courts. They are letting the players in the training facilities of their teams. The Draft is being conducted as I post this blog.


Cam Newton was picked first by the Carolina Panthers. They should be a contending team this year for sure.


The first round of play is about over in basketball. The Miami Heat beat the 76Er's and I think moves into the next bracket to play the Celtics, but I'm not sure. The Spurs got another win last night so that series is still going.


Baseball is going strong with home runs being hit almost in every game I saw on TV. I hope they aren't using steroids?


Golf is still going and they are playing in New Orleans this week. Tiger is not playing. I think it will be a year or two more before he makes a comeback!


See Y'all! :rolleyes: :happydance:

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