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Me...? On tv...? Really...?



Well it's true. Im gong to be o the boob tube. I just finished a tv interview with a reporter fom WMBC, which is a local Ne Jersey cable news station. As May is stroke awareness month I was asked i it was ok to revisit my stroke story. With me being a stroke doctor who had a stroke at the healthy active age of 37... well, I did the interview today and did some footage of me typing at my desk and walking outside. I'm kind of nervous about seeing myself on tv becaues while my face is worlds better I know it's not how it was pre stroke but whatever it's done I'll b on tv on Monday May 2nd between 5 and 6 pm in NYC the cable chanel is 63 in New Jersey or Jersey CCirty, wher I live it'll be on chane 20 again btween 5 and 6 pm. wish me luck ;o)


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BRAVO! Doing something positive for stroke awareness is a great opportunity. I'm sure you'll get some very good feedback for your effort.

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Leah, You have joined the ranks as a local TV personality in your town. I was also on TV, when Coretta King stroked I was chosen for an interview on the local news. I showed the process of therapy for my hand and fingers. :Clap-Hands:congratulations.

Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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LOL at Rachel... sure anytime do you have an infant or young child you'd like me to sign ? LOL I jk of course but thanks all for the encouragement

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Well. the reporter actually gave me the incorrect air date. The interview should air tomorrow, Tuesday May 3rd on WMBC between 5 and 6 pm. Good luck finding it. It was a very brief interview.. I wish I had more time to share a few things but such is time... I guess my 15 minutes are fast winding down. :o)

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When you get the site, you can put the site here so we can have access to it from where ever we are!

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Ok so my tv interview aired yesterday and guess what..? I totally missed it. :oP I was busy trying to bake a chicken and I was stuck having a terrible time getting the innards bag out of the chickens body cavity with 1 hand. I tried to use my left hand to hold the chickem while my right hand pulled the bag but come on its raw chicken a .k.a. very slippery. I fought and fought with it for at least half and hour then before I knew it it was 5:45; my interview aired at 5:00pm and when I turned to the station I was no where to be found. One of my work colleageues wrote me and said I did a great job but I still haven't seen it so I can't say...:oP I have aother tv interview with my mentor and also my husband today they're coming to my office today it will air on NJN New Jersey network which is basically New Jersey Public tv and radio. As for the first interview tyou can try going to www.wmbc.com type in your zipcode in the uper right hand corner of the page and it'll show you your local listings and maybe you can catch it on a rebroadast, I'll post when the NJN interview will air as soon as I meet the reporter and get to ask him or her. Anyhoo. it's so me btw to be so unabsorbed with myself that I missed my first ever time on tv.Its a true glimpse into my personality :o) I don't tske me too seriously. Anyway hopefully this interview goes well ;o) Keep fighting the good fight it will pay off in the end :o) As always all my best wishes, prayers and hope for your full recovery, continued progress and patience and peace for this loooong meantime :o)

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My husband and I did another tv interview tody. It will air on NJN (New Jersey Network which is basically New Jersey public radio tv and radio station... It was longer than the first piece and Im glad it included my husbandand one of my work colleagues :o) who is a great guy and a fatastic neurosurgeon :o) Even the reporterdidnt know the air date but I will update here so I can let you folks see it i you're interested. They focused mainly on my story nd whats it like when a stroke doctor strokes... But I also put out the message that time is brin and the importance of getting help immediately. My final message, although I cried while delivering i,t was that stroke survivors have good reason to be hopeful because recovery is real;i t's hard but it's achievable :o)

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