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Spring Time



I'm still around. i'm ready for the spring and had my convertable car out a few times. I have to take him for surgery again next week. He is 9.5 years now but great. He had his annual yesterday and found a cracked molar so better to take it out. I don't want him to be in pain for his tooth. Well he's a trouper like me...lol. i'm still single and still dating so all is good. Talk soon!!!

Bill and Bud


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Sorry to hear Bud has dental problems. Good to see you on again and updating us. Hope you enjoy your spring and summer and live life to the full.


Doesn't the convertible solve the single and dating problem? Just joking.



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thanks for updating us about your life, as a old friend I always wonder about you & Bud. glad you both are doing good & you are taking care of Bud's dental problem. You both are fortunate to have one another in their life. Hope your convertible bring in great, caring person in your life.



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Bill, Great to here an update from you. But, sorry Bud is having dental problems.

That special person will come into your life soon, just hasn't been the right time or place yet. remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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