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China, Wedding cake, Wolves and other things



Sam and I have had a rather hit or miss week. One day, things are ok, the next we are having another discussion about life post stroke. I suppose we will be doing that for a long time to come. We'll survuve.


So, last night, I sent Sam out for a while. He managed to roll in after 4:00 in t morning. I told him I wasn't going to deal with any snarkiness when he had to get up to teach his tai chi class.


Well, he tried very hard not be snarky when I tol him it was 11 and time to get up. I appreciated that and told him so.


Off he went to teach his class, while I called Laney and Logan to see what they were up to. Turns out they were moving furniture around in te apartment, in anticipation of Logan moving in there this week. That feels a little strange. For half of my life, I was a kid in my mohter's home. The other half, to date, I have been raising kids in my home. Now it will just be Sam, me, Monster and the cats.


There is something a little bitter seet about the whole thing.On the one hand, I don't want to see all of my babis gone from e house. But on hte other, My bills will go down and our very small apartment will seem less cluttered .Sam will also have his "Man cve," meaning that he has his own place to go when he just wants to be by himself, instead of going outside. Oh don't worry, there i no smoking in the house, though hw says he is going to quit the habit. I hope so.


I keep consoling thfreelings of emptiness with the fact that the kids are, quite literally, just around hte corner in anohter complex. I'm getting through it.


SO today, we are watching Big Trouble in Little China. It brings up one of the memories I have from our weding. Sam and I had lived in hte same home together for years before we got married. When we sat down to read the cards and notes on the gifts, a lot of htem said "it's about darned time!" So we weren't new to eachother, and the "wedding night" didn't hold all of the anticipation of the stereotype.


The ceramoney started at 7:30, and went to about 8:45, typical of an Episcopal wedding where communion is given. Pictures from 9 to 9:30 and reception from 9:30 to midnight. Cleanup and breakdown after that.


It was nearly 2 am by th time we had gotten everything broken down, packed up, loaded and got home. We were exhausted, but couldn' sleep.


Well, neither Sam nor I can stand the texture or taste of fondant, so our cake was simply frosted in butter cream. If anyone has tried to freeze, then thaw a butter cream wedding cake a year later, you know how muckh of a mess that is. So we decided to let ht top be served. We'd have a small round made to look like our top tier for our first anniversary.


The top was, ever so lovingly saved by our mohters....."it's a tradition!"


So, too tired but too wound up to sleep, we opened all of the cerds and gifts, made an inventory list for thank you notes, cut 2 big pieces from hte wedding cake, went into our bedroom, climbed in bed and watched Big Trouble ion Little China!!! We decided that was th perfect wedding night.


I'm so happy I didn't lose that memory. It's one of the best ones I have or our wedding. That, and holding Sam's hand as we walked back down th aisle to "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" sung by one of our very dear friends, after we were formally introduced as husband and wife. Both times just felt so RIGHT. Watching te movie from behind my laptop, while Sam naps on the sofa with Monster (and the AC thaws out from freezing over again), also just felt right. It's been a very pl;easent afternoon.


Tonight, we are headed over to friends home for pool and chatting, while Monster gets to romp in the back yard with Talon, their wolf hybrid and Monster's best friend. It should shape up to be a really nice evening too.


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awwwww so sweet memories thanks for sharing those romantic moments of your life. I also worry about what will I do when our son goes off to college & then moves out, but I am sure like you we will also find new way to keep us busy & involved in life.



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Those are the most beautiful memories to remember, thank you for sharing them with us. remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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