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My Favorite Movies, I went over 50....oops



O.K., I've been thinking about this for a couple of days now. Here is my list, I'm sure I've left out a few, well probably more than a few. These are in no particular order.


1- Steel Magnolias

2- Forrest Gump

3- Face Off

4- GoodFella's

5- The God Father

6- God Father 2

7- Pulp Fiction

8- Michael

9- Phenomenon

10- Saturday Night Fever

(I'm noticing a John Travolta pattern here!!!)

11- Rocky

12- E.T.

13- The Poseidon Adventure

14- The Deer Hunter

15- Top Gun

16- My Cousin Vinny

17- Passion of the Christ

18- King of Kings

19- Moonstruck

20- Dirty Dancing

21- American Graffiti

22- The Sting

23- Butch Cassidy and The SunDance Kid

24- The Bird Cage

25- One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

26- RainMan

27- As Good as it Gets

28- On Golden Pond

29- African Queen

30- The Out of Towner's (original)

31- The Plaza Suite

32- Tombstone

33- The Wizard of Oz

34- Cheaper by the Dozen ( the origial)

35- Silence of the Lambs

36- Young Frankenstein

37- The Matrix

38- Misery

39- Jaws

40- The Odd Couple

41- Grumpy Old Men

42- Grumpier Old Men

43- Poltergist

44- Devil's Advocate

45- The Color Purple

46- Dog Day Afternoon

47- Terms of Endearment

48- Titanic

49- Jerry Magiure (sp?)

50- What About Bob?

51- The Ten Commandments

52- Father of the Bride (Steve Martin)

53- Gone With The Wind

54- Johnny Dangerously

55- The Breakfast Club

56- The Exorcist (scares me to death.....still)

57- King Kong (original)

58- Sleeping With The Enemy

59- FlatLiners

60- Serpico

61- Purple Rain....can't help it, I love Prince

62- The Dead Zone

63- Die Hard

64- Psycho

65- Catch Me if You Can

66- Driving Miss Daisy

67- The Shawshank Redemtion

68- The Green Mile

69- The Sixth Sense

70- The King and I


There's more.........I just don't remember the names,sadly. I was on a roll, and decided to go with it. I will not miss one of these if their on a channel that I get. Now, I need a nap!! Neeeedsleeep.gif

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I had forgotten about Johnny Dangerously. I liked that one, good list.


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