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Mother's Day - nice to be appreciated



We had a nice weekend with great weather. My son came over this weekend and helped me with some chores and brought some flowers from him and his sister. Sunday my stepson and his wife and our granddaughter came over and brought some steaks to cook out. I received many cards. My stepdaughter couldn't come, but sent a card with a very nice message saying "thanks for making so many sacrifices and taking such good care of dad". It's nice to hear this. :) Friday Larry and I went to the bank to get some papers notarized, then we went to a shoe store to get Larry some new velcro athletic shoes. I later talked him into going out for a cheesburger. We went to church Saturday evening. I was excited when I gave Larry a shower and he was able to open his hand. Maybe there is still hope! Today Larry's daughter came over to help me. Monday is her day off. I had to have the second car jump started by AAA first, and then we took it to be inspected. When our caregiver, Jim, came at 1 p.m. he went with me to get the car and drive it back home. Larry was able to stay home for the short time. Larry is still hoping he can drive someday, so we keep two cars. The weather is turning hot tomorrow - 84 degrees. I brought some of my peonies in for us to enjoy and Larry was pleased. Brighter days ahead! :cloud9:



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Good for you and for Larry, we had a great time too! Now I'm awaiting Father's Day next month! :Clap-Hands:

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Julie: what a wonderful celebration and a true tribute to you. Tell Larry said with the new "Dancing Shoes", he'll be tangoing his way along soon. Best, Debbie

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Julie, glad you got the compliment from Larry's daughter. If your kids are like ours they don't do that a lot.


We had a BBQ dinner for Mothers Day too, it wasn't as warm as I would have liked so we did eat indoors. But it is nice to have our boys around to share it with us.



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