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todays weather almost worth the winter we had



what a beautiful day today was. it wasn't white, it wasn't raining, the grass no longer brown. had to spend time outdoors.swinging, perfume in the air from apple blossoms,& lilacs opening, sky gorgeous blue without cloudsgleam.gif , just enough breeze to keep bugs away and in the 70's, my favorite.helps the depressionthumbs%20up.gif one of those days you're glad to be alive and it doesn't even cost any money.2cents.gif hope we see many more. blessings lynn


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Lynn: we too are having a wonderful Spring. Still on the cool side, but so nice to have windows open. And the colors-do they just not vibrate? Our neighbor has an azalea-purple. You can see it out the kitchen window and when Bruce does the dishes in the morning, always comments on it. Yesterday, he asked me if I could bring him in some of our lilacs. I love it that he is recognizing new life and rebirth. Two springs ago he spent in a Rehab-although he had a huge window overlooking a patio and was able to see everything blossum.


Last year outside meant therapy, although he did mention to Jen last week that he and she used to do the newspaper and coffee on the deck every morning before he started his exercises. And she said, yes, when I get back from vacation, it should be warm enough for us to do it again. I can only hope. Debbie

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Lyn, glad the weather has warmed up for you. You had a long hard winter and we are heading into ours now. Wish I could come over and enjoy your summer. :bouncing_off_wall:



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I too love spring. It feels great after harsh winter if those tree can bloom flowers so can we pick up our life after adversity. Spring always gives me strength to plug on when I think my journey is becoming tough.



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