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A small step forward



Well I'm back in PT and OT again. Not sure for how long we are waiting on the insurance to decide. But something good happened in OT last week. I PICKED UP A MARBLE WITH MY LEFT HAND :happydance: from the table and lifted it up to the top of the milk crate! I couldn't let go of it so the therapist had to take it out of my hand. But the point is I did pick it up and lifted it without dropping! I was so happy I had tears in my eyes. Such a little thing that means so much. I'm hoping the insurance will give me at least a month of OT and PT this time around. I really think I'm in a place I could make some real progress. Only time will tell. The day I picked up the marble was the day my sister went with me to OT and came in to watch. It's not often she can do that because normally she has my nephew in the car with her. But her husband had a rain day from work so he took my nephew for the day. I wish my sister could come in all the time it's so nice to have a cheerleader there that was a member of your family. I dad cannot understand that so when he brings me he waits in the car. My husband is working so he doesn't get a chance very often to take me. I am waiting for approval to take the drivers valuation. Once I start driving again I will be taking myself, so no more cheerleaders. I have always been a person who needs feedback on what they're doing right or wrong. Since my stroke has become even more important to me, but unfortunately my husband doesn't understand that. My sister does and tries to do what she can. But having a three-year-old takes a great deal of her time and energy. She too is struggling with health issues of her own so I try not to impose. I never had many friends and now I have even fewer. Most of them have drifted off since my stroke. I guess I took too long to get "back to normal". What most people don't understand is that after having a stroke we will never be the same person again and it's just too hard for them to deal with. Times like this I wish I had a child so I would have a live-in cheerleader. My two fur babies(dogs) just aren't the same for that kind of thing. Well you can tell it's raining because I am feeling down. We've had so much rain lately I need more sun to lift my spirits. Well it's time to take my pills talk to everybody later.


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:congrats: on your first achievement of picking up marble. I feel like you I also need cheerleader cheering my every move & when I don't get one I get discouraged. though slowly I m learning I am good enough because I am God's child & god loves me & I don't need anybody else telling me how good mom or wife I am. I am good enough for my family.



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I'm in Texas, we need the rain!


You just gotta keep using that weak arm/hand and leg any way you can or it's lost forever. I made that mistake but I have since recovered quite a bit I think! :Clap-Hands: :big_grin:

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Sheryl: I know what you mean about having a cheerleader. If I did not have my own sister as supportive as she is, I do not know how I would have dealt with becoming a caregiver.


I will tell you when Bruce was in therapy, he was often there with the same people every week. We watched Robin owrk for hours three days a week to get his hand back. I often would pick up his mistakes from the floor-lol. Robin was a sad case. His family runs a store and he often had to ask for rides just to get to therapy. His paid rides were often unreliable and after the insurance ran out on that, had to beg, borrow and steal. One day we picked him up walking up the mountain to get to therapy-his ride left him off at the bottom. I have not to this day seen anyone more determined than him. After six months, the improvement is wonderful. After reading your blog, I am so glad I offered encouragement and support. He often thanks me for it-we see him now at the pool.


Your fur babies just remind you that there is unqualified love in this world. Kira does that for Bruce.


Wonderful news and keep plugging away-Debbie

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:yay: Celebrating Sheryl's improvement!!! :cheer:


Imagine I'm dancing, waving my tamborine, singing alleluias! Okay that's enough but I AM impressed by your progress and your attitude is the best!


Thanks Sheryl, for the reminder that progress comes when you are ready and not so many days after the stroke.


I never met you before the stroke so you sound perfectly normal to me.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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