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Been busy for the past month



To start off this will be a scattered :dribble: collection of my thoughts of whats been happening the past month.


I read the book that the Stroke Community book club assigned but the date to get together was postponed and I missed the revised date. So, I'll try this next book The Secret.


My knees & back: Shots done in the left knee, two more to go on the right. I was sized up for a knee brace for the right knee. It will be custom made, I should receive it in two weeks or so. That will support my knee from popping out of socket.


Been feeling great, have not had to take pain meds, so therefore I have been more awake able to complete my half done projects. (that I'll talk about another day.)


I've been running on pure adrenaline. Now the back, I have had adjustment before my stroke. This is the first chiropractor that would adjust me. It's a different kind of adjustment. Very gentle, uses some kind of small hammering machine down my spine, then uses a vibrator is sore spots. Everything seems to fall into place. I am feeling better. I got my back brace this last week, to keep me from straining my back. Once my knees are done I will start being put on the decompression table. This is where you put on a vest, lay on the table, you are hooked to a pulley and your back is ever so gentle pulled. Your spine is being realigned. I know so much about it now cuz Carl is going threw treatments while I'm getting my knees shot up. I'm looking forward to be continuously standing up straight. I have not been adjusted since I stroked and have to walk with a cane. It's not for everybody and I know other here have stated they were adjusted and were stroked cuz of the adjustment. :juggle:Sorry for all those if you believe that but I believe in Chiropractors. I've been going to the pain doc twice a week, every week now for 9weeks. I pick first appointment so I can get in and get out. :head_hurts:Then I have the rest of the day to accomplish something else in my day.





The flower garden: I've had to pick a lot of weeds, hopefully that's what they were. At least that's what they looked like to me in the middle flower garden. The side, next to the neighbors fence and our driveway I see sunflowers getting now 6 inches tall. But, weeds from the next door neighbor is invading my space.


So that brings me to having to call the city ordnance dept. He will be out next week, take pictures and advise the owner. The ordnance states if there is a dwelling on the lot the lot needs to be free of debris, junk cars, and keep maintained. Before, 2 years ago the owner kept it beautiful. For there are lots of Hostas and Cannon plants.


I have tolerated this ugly over grown, weed infested yard long enough. Now I have helped the inspector the phone number and email address of the owner. The owner now lives in Boston, MA. So he can sent the citation to her. The renters don't care about this part of the yard. I have gone over to talk to them about the mess, the landlord has come into town told me she will have someone keep this part of the yard better kept. That was three weeks ago and nothing has changed. It's time to take action. Don't you agree?


The veggie garden: Carl is the keeper of this but I am hear to tell you all about it. He had two plots. One On the side of our house, a raised bed with 12 tomato plants, a few basil plants (by the way if you plant basil with your tomatoes it keeps the bugs away from the tomatoes.)


The front raised bed, (and literary it is made from a water bed frame)


This bed has broccoli, yellow squash, hot peppers, radishes, cabbage, collard greens, chives, eggplant, Red bell peppers, fennel. Anther 5 or so pails with tomatoes in them. The kinds of tomatoes, I can't name the different kinds but the one I know is cherry tomatoes. And if that's not enough he had 2 upside down tomatoes planted.


Now to keep those pesky squirrels out of the garden and off of the bird feeders I have discovered plant marigolds. Pesky animals such as squirrels don't like the smell of Marigolds. The squirrels have just about knocked the feeder off it's perch.I planted Marigolds around the pole on the ground.


I could go on but I'm going to stop and continue this on the next post, I'll try not to be so long in between post. remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:



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Wow Jeannie, I am so impressed, you and Carl are a great team. With all your pain issues and all that you have been through you are still an agricultural wizard!


I am glad you are getting pain relief and the customised braces sound a good idea.My Mum was a great believer in chiropractors, I have never been to one.If you feel it does you good that is the main thing.


Be well my friend, Sue.

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