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Pondering a answer to a question



I was going threw the blogs reading for the week and reading the many comments but, I was wondering what attracts others to read your blog and leave a comment? some blogs get many comments, where others get a few, such as my recent blog post.



I myself find all blogs interesting. But these questions popped into my mind, as I mentioned what attracts others to read my (your) blog? Is it knowing the person and what their story always brings to your? It is the title of the blog post? Is it the font that they use and what font makes it easiest to read? Is it the line spacing? Is it that catchy title? What is a catchy title to a blog?

Or, is the person using his or her blog to tel story's and is a great story teller. Or just a great writer? Is it just their life's story? Leave me your interest in reading strokes blogs.


Well, I think you get the idea. Don't you wonder how many people are reading your post. If no comment is left you don't know.

I would like to know. So, I suggest that we all start leaving comments. Doesn't have to be much just commenting Great Post. So, I'm going to start doing it. Unless you all change my mind by your comments left.

remembertolaugh, Jeannie :cocktail:



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hey Jennie:


I usually love to post comment when I feel my comment will help them see a story of their life with different point of view. I feel on their down days, I feel like telling them hang on it will get better. for me it is paying it forward. what I received it here when I needed it most I am giving it back.



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Jeannie, your blog is hard to leave a comment on unless the person knows to click on "use full editor" which means they get a large space to type into. I don't know why your blog appears as a narrow column to me and I see the usual reply space all close together but that is how I see it. Maybe you need to close down some of the boxes to keep it more streamlined.


I comment on most blogs as I find them all interesting. Some of the caregivers blogs are closer to my experience but I love the others too. A friend of mine used to say "you can't NOT tell your story" and even in the technical blogs you can see what the person is like, what their interests are etc.


If you find life interesting and pass that on to others that is what catches my attention. Which is why I have always loved your blogs ever since you wrote about the gardens, gardening being one of my interests.



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Also if you click on "List all blogs" it gives you a blogs list in order of posting starting wit the most recent, how many entries, how many comments, how many views.


By the number of blogs I think I am a blog-o-holic.



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I read all of the blogs every day. I'm still early in my recovery - 5 months in - and I look for insight to the emotional as well as physical aspects of life after stroke.


I like reading about the personal successes and setbacks because it gives me hope, or it makes me feel less alone in all of this.


Reading the blogs also makes me feel like I know the people I talk to on the chats. The people here have become extensions of my family. I want to know what is going on in their lives.

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Hi Jeannie. I do enjoy reading your blogs. I have to confess I tend to read the blogs of the caregivers as I can relate more to what is going on with them. I don't always have time to read all the blogs and posts so I sometimes just pick and choose. I am always happy to see others responding to my blogs also, even though I usually just babble about my daily life with Larry. :yadayada: Some of the bloggers are very gifted in the way they tell their story. I had not blog before, but find it very encouraging when others relate to what I have to say. Don't despair about not getting enough comments. People are still reading them and supporting you. :Clap-Hands:



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As a new comer to the site I tend to read the blogs daily just to learn the site at this time. I figure that sooner or later I will jump in feet 1st and try writing a blog for the 1st time.

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Jeannie: I too read them all. I am on here most every night and get through all of them. With the new cueing on posts added after I read the blog, I even go back.


However, honey, I will often not post if I feel the blogger has gotten solid, good advice, help or suggestions.


Sometimes I think I just end up lamenting my own problems instead of offering help, so I just erase my post.


But even if I do not respond, I can often pick up some great suggestions and insight just by reading. Good week-Debbie

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This is Fred on the scooter, well I read blogs for info on how that person feels, the pains or gains they encounter. The struggles in their lives, the good or great things they are experiencing that day or week. And maybe the appointments they may have coming up soon.


One thing is for me to read any blog, post or a comment is for it to be written with breaks about every 7 lines or so. When it's written like a page in a book with no break or skip my eyes lose track of where I am.


I can't get the jest of what I'm reading so I skip those kinds. The attraction for me is what that person may be facing or information that's interesting to me. I try to encourage those that are feeling depressed or family problems or if it's about something they like to do like gardening.


I don't blog too often, I forget a lot and the other times I'm telling jokes on the message board. There is no certain story or thing to make me read them but I answer more in support of what's written by the person.


Hope I answered your question! :big_grin:

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I do so enjoy your blogs. Good thoughts. I do not know what prompts somebody to comment. I comment if I feel like I have the time. some times good advise has preceeded me. But, I do like the comments. i will try to be more consistent.



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Thank you all for leaving comments, they are so insightful. I removed some boxes from my page.

T o use editor, you just click on it and it is the same page set of you'll see for blogging. I understand about the some many lines with no breaks.


You all have been very kind and I appreciate that. Of course my mother use to say "If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all." And that's what comments should be all about.A Uplifting voice of encouragement.


This is the first time I'm writing a blog. And If it wasn't for the girls in chat that day (I can't remember their name at this time) The encouragement that pored out of each one of them, especially Asha I would not be writing today. Thank you all. remembertolaugh,


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I agree with Debbie who said,

"However, honey, I will often not post if I feel the blogger has gotten solid, good advice, help or suggestions."


Right on, Debbie!


When terrific thinkers post their comments and have covered the vital issues with wise advice,I do not post.

Rachel, a caregiver

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