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I wonder is this what acceptance looks like sometimes



Finally got chance to sit with my feet up after small party & I am thinking is this what acceptance feels like. I still remember right after my stroke for first few years every time when I wanted to use my left hand & I wasn't able to use it the way I always did for past 34 years, it used to frustrate me,make me depressed, sad about how I was such a useless person or not normal person since I can't use my left hand anymore. now after 7 years in my post stroke life's journey I have adapted to doing things around the house single handedly. agreed it takes me longer time, but important thing is that things get done and our home life runs smoothly. Yes sometimes hubby has to help me in some things, but he always helped before too, so its not a major issue at our house. Though what I notice that now it doesn't bother me at all not having left hand. so I wonder is that how acceptance feels like. if it is. I love it.I don't feel pity for me or anything, I am actually proud of our family & myself the way we handled this adversity in life & came out stronger than ever before.




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Thanks for your post, Asha. I can't use my right hand, but I'm learning to work around it. I've learned to get my own breakfast! I live alone and an important goal for me is to become independent. My therapists say I can achieve this.

I'm interested in this study at UMDNJ on mirror box therapy for the arm and hand that Oriana blogged about and said that she would help you find out about. I'm so grateful to have been accepted into the FASTEST (Bioness) study at Weill-Cornell in NYC! I'll blog about that when I get further along.

All the best to you and your family.

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Asha: As usual you wrote a beautiful blog. I know that frustration, pain, desperation and challenges can make you stronger. It is a real paradox. For me, and I think I can speak for you also, it has strengthened my faith more than I ever knew I had. That in itself is a blessing. I have come to a new acceptance recently also. But it can be upset by small things that go "wrong". I'm in the middle of writing a blog and hope to finish it tomorrow. BTW, do you know of the book "Heaven is for Real" written by Todd Burpo, a child who almost died. I haven't ordered it yet but plan to; my sister told me about it. Should be really good. Adios my friend, Leah

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