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Out and about with Larry



After a week of going to exercise, doctor appts. and car repair shop, we got to enjoy a nice weekend.


The weather here was nice Friday through Sunday but we are expecting storms again this afternoon and evening. I am so happy spring and summer are here. If I had my choice, I would live in a warmer region with no ice and snow to deal with in the winter.


Larry agreed to go out to dinner Friday and so we went to a nearby restaurant. We got in on the early bird special which included dessert. Larry ate his whole dinner including 2/3 of the dessert. I said “maybe I will have to take you out more often”. Could it be my cooking?? ^_^ I’m still waiting for him to gain weight but he stays the same no matter how much extra he eats. Saturday I talked him into going to a nearby park. This park has a butterfly house with a beautiful garden and sculptures. We saw guests arriving for a wedding as this is a popular spot. I got Larry to walk a while and then he had to sit so we walked through the grass to a bench. The only problem was the grass was a minefield of goose droppings so we had to watch our steps. :unsure: Larry made it and back to the car but he was tired. He had a nap and we later went to church. Sunday was a nice day with 76 degrees in the a.m. I said let’s go to our other favorite park and so we did. It was nice sitting by a man made pond and watching people fish. Larry had to climb a couple little hills but he made it and was very tired afterward. He is not use to walking and I am trying to strengthen his endurance. His balance is good but he walks very slowly and sometimes drags his foot. I’m glad we made it back to the car. We stopped at McDonalds for his vanilla shake and burger and went home.


Storms came later Sunday but we lucked out again. The Southwest area of Missouri had a devastating tornado which killed 89 at last count. Prayers are needed for those poor people.


I'm looking forward to my daughter's visit this weekend. :happydance: Hope we have good weather!



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Julie, Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! :Clap-Hands: That's great for both of you. Have a nice visit with your daughter!


Mary Jo

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You are doing well. Endurance is so hard to build up.

i am glad to hear to hear that you are getting out and about.


Somedays I feel that it is my cooking. William eats best when we go out.



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Julie, spring and summer is a great time for getting out and about and you and Larry are making the most of it. I love a park with ponds and gardens and the occasional bride on Saturdays.


Don't worry about Larry getting tired, in the end that is building up endurance and he will soon get around well and maybe even say he is not tired when you get him home.


We call the men who are long and lean and eat a lot more than their plumper wives "greyhounds".



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Julie: what a wonderful weekend. We had rain, rain and more rain and next week the same. I am so tired of this. Weather is killing me this year.


Sounds to me like you have found your niche! He is out and about and working on endurance. Good for you. Whatever he fears were, you have found a way around them. Grass is tough. I remember when Leo was doing it with Bruce. I just sat inside and held my breath. I applaude your fearlessness. Leo's concern was grass, to curb to sidewalk.


Yes, he is tired and needs a nap. And who is better than Larry? He's getting his groove back, honey, and who is prouder than you?

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