How do I send a personal message or access previous PMs?

In order to send an Personal Message (PM) you must register to become a member and be logged in.





Our message board is secure from advertisers, spam, viruses and malware. We screen each registration form to make sure only those associated with stroke become members so you can be sure that your experience with The Stroke Network will be pleasant.The personal messenger can be used to have private conversations with other members, similar to email. The nice thing about it is that you only need to know their display name and not their email addresses.  An email notification of the PM will automatically be sent to their email. 


Method 1


Send someone a PM or access previous personal messages


To start to start a new PM or access previous ones select the "speech bubble" icon from the top right corner of any page.





To start a new conversation click the Compose New button or select a previous PM. 




Enter the recipients name or names into the "To" field.  As you type, suggestions of recipient's names will appear below the box. When you see the member you are looking for, click on their name.  Type a message subject and the message body just like you would for a new topic in the forums.  When you are done click the Send button. 





Method 2


Start a PM from a member's post





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