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only change is constant companion of our life



yesterday while talking with caregivers we were talking about change. I know none of us like unpleasant change in our life, but I think when something unpleasant change comes in our life, if we just wait a little & let life of river unfolds at its own pace sometimes something better will come out of it. I know I am still young but by handling stroke in my young age I feel more confident about myself of handling anything life will throw at me. I admit I am scared silly of changes, but looking back at my own life I feel confident in my ability. I feel life is like river of change, and when we flow with current of change in life, life becomes much more pleasant, instead when we keep on resisting change in our life, we become tired & depressed. So I feel now I am going to practice this as my meditation, any time something I don't like happen in my life, instead of resisting & hating, I am planning to remember how my past changes in life has made me today who I am so proud of today. & anyway we don't know what lies in our future & without knowing it, it will be silly to assume it will be bad only. So it helps to stop fighting the changes happening in our life.


looking at life it feels like we are constantly changing from infant to young to adult, getting married, having kids, falling sick, kids growing up & flying from the nest. I realise in all this life journey only change & yourself are constant companion, so better be kind to yourself & change & stop fighting with both of them & enjoy life.




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I agree and we must be ready each day for change cause it comes to us in different colors and dress. Many times it leaves us wondering what to do next when all we can say is "OMG"!


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Asha: love your thoughts and your outlook on life. As a caregiver, I can only hope to reach that level. When change happens here, it throws Bruce totally off. I am back to bed and clothing changes several times a day, he is more confused, lacks direction. I have to totally rearrange my work schedule, the house maintenance schedule and still figure out how to get him to therapy, appointments, pool.


It is true, most of us do not like change and for me it is not fighting it, but trying somehow to accomodate it with as little stress and upset here as possible. But the most difficult reality is not having your go to person anymore. All those things you worked out as a team, backed each other up and solved together is gone. Yes, I can discuss and vent a bit, but really it is all on me to figure out.


Just knowing he always cares and is concerned, however, makes the ride a bit smoother. Debbie

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I understand where you are coming from, I faced the same thing in our life, I used to feel I m contributing in our house dynamics by making money, cooking & taking care of our son's activities when stroke entered in our life suddenly I felt useless since I stopped contributing in household like before, I hated change & fought hard with kicking & screaming & getting depressed. Finally got tired of it & realized hard way if I stop resisting this river of change & flow with life flow something better & different will come out of. & I am so glad it has. I contribute different way in our life's dynamic now.life is better today, yes I m retired, but that does not stop me contributing any way in our life. I feel my stroke made me better mom & wife, it woke me up from sleepwalking through my life. what I am trying to say just because change comes in our life does not mean everything will be bad, its just different & we will have to work on making it smoother for us, I realized as a survivor I needed help of my caregiver at first to get adjusted to this different(not necessarily bad life). anyway what I m trying to say stop fighting change & have faith in God's goodness. sorr rambled on :)







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great post, asha. ! I have bee struggling withthe changes that stroke has caused in my life, and I have been fearing the future. As you point out, these things have a very bad effect on how

I feel.


thank, bill

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