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One Handed Eating



Oh my! I can't believe it was this simple! You know when you are eating a wrap or a burrito how you have to hold the back end with one hand to keep everything from falling out, while holding the front with the other hand? You can't do that when you only have one working hand! Today I puzzled over the problem, as I miss the flatouts (brand of wrap) I used to make. I made 2 up and stood there wondering how in the world he would be able to hold it together to eat it. Then I had a lightbulb moment!


****IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION THAT SOME READERS MAY NOT REALIZE THEY ARE SEEING A WRAP WITH A CLIP ON THE END OF IT. 2 handed people hold the front where they eat it from, and the back to keep the stuff from falling out the back. With one hand, you can only hold the eating end and everything falls out the back. The clip keeps the food from falling out, without needing a hand to hold the back shut. It is the same kind of clip used on potato chip bags to keep them closed.




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Good idea that works in your case, for me no way, my left side is totally paralyzed even more now after the knee operation!! I don't even know how I'm making it now I'm struggling to just walk...

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omg thank you! I love making (vegetarian) burritos and searched youtube for the best way to wrap them but always ended up with a big mess using a fork. I had decided to just start eating it as a mix with tortillas but to keep my pack of tortillas from going to waste and since I have a few of those little clips, Im going to try your idea.

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Katrina, these are vegetarian made also.    Yesterday I used Tofurkey Italian Sausage, but those do require slicing into small bits.   But the crumbles you can buy in a bag by Boca or Morning Star work well too - have used them, also have used home made seitan in BBQ or chik'n flavors.    


I used to cut all colors of peppers and onion and keep them frozen in a bag, but never get around to it anymore, letting them rot in the fridge.   Then I discovered that some stores carry a frozen fajita mix of the same and bought a bag of that.    


So I sauteed the veg 'meat' with fajita mix (Krogers) in olive oil, with sesame seeds and a touch of lime salt, lite sprinkle of pepper, salt, curry, paprika and turmeric.   I used honey mustard on my tomato flat out.


I was just looking at my old vegetarian blog... last entry Feb 20, 2012.   Bob stroked on Feb 29, 2012.    I lost my ability to eat and fix what I wanted.    We are now eating about half vegetarian, as his therapy is over and I finally have a little energy left to cut and chop things the way I like them, rather than one drive thru after another.   Below is my old blog, if interested.   Remember, anything you see there is the veg version - no meat.  Click on PREVIOUS 10, at the bottom of each page.   I think I'll make a post to it after all this time:



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This is so cool, thank you for bringing the clipped Burrito to all of our attention.  The Dollor Store has several small clips in a package, think I'm going to get some the next time I'm there.


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Sandy :


such a great idea I will use this idea when I make burrito at home, outside I have started ordering burrito bowl for me since one hand never works well. but I can seeing myself using this trick for home made burrito



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