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we are back from our amazing vacation another one done from my bucket list



We are back from our amazing Italy vacation. I always wanted to visit Italy. We had gone to Europe right after my stroke but due to time constraint did not visit Italy & I always wanted to visit Italy, So after decade once kido gone off to college we decided to go to Italy just two of us. I am glad our son encouraged us to go alone & we did it, It felt like we were honeymooners rekindling our love. This trip turned out to be best for both of us everything went according to plan & beyond. We celebrated my birthday in Venice in gondola ride with live music & it was so beautiful. Hubby loves history so visiting Rome all historic churches turned out to be fun thing for him too so We both were very happy met great set of new friends. Usually I am planner of vacation. hubby takes care of getting us there is one piece & get us back home safe & sound. all went according to plan, though first day itself our bag did not arrive with us so I was worried for hour but luckily it showed up in next flight so vacation started without any trouble. & with clothes lol. We were initially worried going with american trip organizer thinking our special needs won't be fulfilled & how we get along with other people. I learn valuable lessons of life, that it takes two people to get along & two people to not get along. All relationships r give & take. If you are nice accommodating to others then you get similar treatment from others. Its always you that bring joy or sorrow in your life so choice is always yours. If you radiate joy & fun around people, everyone like to be around you & have fun together. I celebrated my birthday with complete strangers in Venice, but by the end of the trip all had become great friends. I am so grateful even after stroke I m able to take this great vacations with my soulmate. Now have to think about where to go next for our upcoming 25th wedding anniversary.




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I'm glad you had a great time, the best thing about vacations, I'm still saving up so one year we may have enough saved up to go on a good vacation we can enjoy.....

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Asha, great you had that special trip.  I loved the north of Italy, had a lot of Italian immigrants as friends growing up so found myself feeling "at home" there. The cities like Florence and Venice are good to see as tourists aren't they?  Al those monumental cathedrals and that sense of a long, long history of civilization.

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I'm so happy for you. My husband and I went to Italy (a dream of mine) before my stroke. I would not have been able to handle it after my stroke. And of course, Jerry passed away in 2011 so I am grateful he agreed to go. We had an awesome time and met lots of wonderful people. In fact one of the couples who was on our tour from CT (I'm in AZ) we hooked up with and toured Glacier National Park in Canada; had a wonderful time. I'm still in touch with her by email. As you know I haven't blogged in a while or been in chat. It seems as though when Jerry died, my whole world turned upside down and I can't right it. Maybe some day God will give me what I need to get my life right again.  Fondly, Leah

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I'll always remember, when we went to Italy for our 20th anniversary, my husband wasn't thrilled about the idea despite his 100% Italian heritage. So I was saying to a customer "I hope we have a good time" and he said, "You CAN'T not have a good time in Italy".  And boy he was so right! 


Glad we did it before the stroke too, those cobblestone streets in Rome were hard enough without any disabilities  ;-)  Next up, Ireland..... some day!

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