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Are you Reliant?



If you want to feel old really fast get a new digital camera. At least the one I just got is making me feel that way. It came with not one but TWO user guides and some of the pages have such small print that I have to use a magnifying glass just to read them. Worse than that, the camera has a mode dial with tiny icons on it and without my handy-dandy magnifying glass I'd never know those little suckers are suppose to represent things like: portraits, night shots, indoors, landscapes, movies and a bunch of letters I've yet to decipher. It even has an icon for aquariums. Aquariums! Who needs that? What I want to see is an icon for starting my coffeemaker in the mornings. To read the rest of blog this entry click here.


Since my last update here at Strokenet, Levi had his first birthday and he's blogged about all his first year accomplishments and goals for the future. Click here to see how much he's grown.


Even angel Cooper came back for a visit. link here.


Things stroke-wise and caregiver-wise have not changed much since my last update. Don is still being Don, the wheelchair bound stroke survivor with the vocabulary of a one year old. And I'm still being Jean, the woman of the house who would rather play on the computer than do housework. We still get out every other day to run errands and go to Don's favorite restaurant. It's a little mama/papa place where the waitresses don't mind how many times he tells them they are 'cute' or how many times he wants a hug. Yes, impulse control is still a challenge in his catalog of stroke deficits. LOL All in all, we're in a good place. Don's stroke is a part of our lives but it's not our lives i.e. we're not living the stroke day in and day out. Those of you who have found acceptance and moved on will understand exactly what I mean.






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Guest lwisman


Hi Jean,


Great to hear from you. I was thinking about you and Don the other day. It is good to get an update.


I enjoyed Copper and Levi's blogs. It is good that Levi has learned a lot. Not much of a puppy anymore. I understand about not being able to see the stuff on various electronic gadgets. It does seem like the makers are catering to the younger set. I find it really interesting since there is so many of us baby boomers still out here. And we are still a market. Hmm... I know I don't use all the bells and whistles. Especially on my cell phone and printer. Oh well. BTW, I bought my digital camera in 2002 and it has really small parts also.


Take care. Spring will be here soon!

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Hi Jean, Don, Angel Cooper & Levi,


Levi is a year old - my how time as flown by (though you may not think so being the one teaching him). He's quite handsome and dashing. Good to hear that Cooper is keeping an eye on all of you from the rainbow bridge. In October '08 my mother's shitzu, Angel, joined the other furbabies at Rainbow Bridge after my mother passed away (long story). Angel was always a sweetheart; perhaps she and Cooper will become friends.


Glad to hear that you and Don are doing well. We miss and love you all.

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I'm like Lin...it's good to hear from you lady. I thought you may be snowed in up there.


I got one of those cameras too, asked Lin to upload pictures for me to this site. Well I ain't figured out how to take a picture yet. That's been at least 4 months ago.


Take care of yourself and family.

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I was so happy to see your blog here on Strokenet & elsewhere. you are so right about setting goals, I realized from your blog how important those are such that I am able to live in present to my fullest & also not dwell on my past. can't tell you clearly, but thanks learnt wonderful lesson from your blog. I am so happy that you are still in wonderful place of acceptance where stroke does not rule your life. your Levi is so cute.


lots of love


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Just way too adorable! One chomp on a toad and Levi will learn rather quickly that they taste nasty he'll steer very clear. Better gadgets should come with a kid than a user's guide. They know how to operate the stuff right out of the box. Keep us updated with pictures of Levi and Cooper, they're a joy to see.

Be well and keep enjoying life!


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