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  3. Problems this morning ,joined the chat late only to find it empty! everyone had gone home!. Mark had looked in a few minutes earlier but had also given up! Thought I'd reprint the letter I sent some while ago referring to the chat forum..... I'm in my sixth year of recovery and just taking stock of the situation. From a completely dead right side I can now walk without a stick, up to about 2K without problems. Bladder problems are more-or-less under control with the odd mishap. Uncontrollable tears are unheard of now but care has still to be taken not to have a recurrence. C
  4. will2

    In further thinking I would be remiss if I also didn't mention foot drop. Throughout my 13yrs of navigating through different environments, in the earlier years following my stroke, I worked hard and desperately to get into condition to get released by my PT to return to work full time. I was still very healthy and strong enough to get into shape that would qualify me to return. However since maybe due to age and general health decline my body still functional but over time weakening, I developed a slight left foot drop. It's not constant but often rears it's head. In these situations I'm pers
  5. will2

    After my surgery and subsequent stroking, with the inpatient/outpatient therapy I eventually learned to walk again and completed their hospital obstacle courses. However, when returning home my routine changed dramatically having to navigate in and around the home. My difficulties came navigating uneven surfaced like steps, up and over obstacles, and unexpected terrain changes ie; rocks, wet surfaces, and even sand on the sidewalks. I had a couple of good tumbles that helped me realize that I needed to look out for potential fall hazards and if possible develop a form of work-around to help me
  6. heathber

    It might help to work out what the trigger for your balance problem is? loss of balance and falling can be a combination of many things is it propriaception, is it sight, is it vestiubular, is it strength/control? or a combination of all of them. It's just easier to target your exercises to the main source of the issue. Most of my balance issues come from weak ankle control combined with slowed propriaception (knowledge of the body in space) So my left ankle is very bad at micro adjustments needed to keep me upright and my brain is slow to work out that adjustments are needed. Knowing this
  7. Deigh

    Many of us had balance problems in the early days post stroke, most of mine have become minor as I've found ways of overcoming them but there is no expectation that things will ever become 'normal' again so I will continue to take care. What sort of exercises are you undertaking? I have a self imposed daily exercise regime and try to walk as much as possible. At this time I cover about 2k a day, most of it being on a slight incline and that makes things bit harder! Have you any loss of right or left hand dexterity? Deigh
  8. HostAsha

    I have no advice except that every stroke is different, but keep on doing your exercises & don't give up , things will improve in its own time, while you try to reclaim your life back one small change at a time & it all adds up becoming good new normal again Asha
  9. Sounds good Heather. If it makes a difference the device is worth having.
  10. HostAsha

    Sue : nothing is guaranteed in life just have to take one day at a time or one moment at a time & make a good decision so that we will have better results for tomorrow. you are so thoughtful about tieing up things so that your daughter does not have to go through same hardship you went through with your parents. quite practical but hard way to look at the life. say hello to peter from us. Asha
  11. I got a few questions I would love someone with. I had a stoke and then a mini stroke. I have had alot of physical therapy but my balance is given me alot of problems to the point of falling. One would think with all the therapy I had ypu think I would hhad progress. any advice
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  13. This week I had a quick trial of a new toy. It's an active estim device for wrist and fingers. That actually senses the muscle movement under the skin and fires only when you manage enough activation, and the assistance continues until you manage to relax the muscles enough (not like a classic estim that does timed pulses), I'm now trying to setup a 1 month in home trial to see if it helps enough to be worth getting one of my own, both the trial (unit rental and extra OT sessions) and the unit purchase should be funded under NDIS but as it's not already in my plan we are going to have to jump
  14. heathber

    Spot on Sue, we will all keep muddling through, one foot in front of the other
  15. swilkinson

    Short days of rain

    It had to come, short rainy days, dark nights and I have to go out tonight! But apart from that life is back to being routine, I am going to meetings, out to lunch about once a week, keeping up with friends again. There are still people who go out very rarely but that is really motivated by their own fears. There is very little chance of Covid infection. I feel sorry for those who listen to the many rumours floating around about the vaccinations and are afraid to have one but I have had my first and my flu shot so feel more protected. But this weekend it is Mother's Day on Sunday a
  16. swilkinson

    Janelle, glad you survived with little damage. Longest I have had power off was 36 hours. Lost the contents of the fridge that time. Good to have you back. Keep well and safe. Temporary 3 day restrictions here in NSW this weekend, I told my daughter we'll celebrate Mother's Day some other time.
  17. So happy to hear about your support system. I am so sure you both are getting something positive. It sounds like fun... I would love to have someone around to enjoy things with and you deserve all the help you need Heather. 🙂
  18. GreenQueen

    Sorry...thanks for your kind thoughts. Not having power was no fun. Very grateful though, all we lost was food. Northampton and Kalbarri not so lucky. Friends in Three Springs lost their shearing shed. Unfortunately I'm on the Geraldton Noticeboard on Facebook. One person might say, oh it's terrible having no power. They would be bombarded with negative comments about counting themselves lucky they still have a house etc. I feel that having a stroke, and knowing that people are worse off, doesn't help. We all have individual crosses to bear, a
  19. Awesome Heather! I literally have just been on the phone with my OT, we've been discussing what else is needed to make things easier for me. You, like me, have realised just how much we have 'managed ' on our own...but at the detriment to stamina! Hope the snorkelling happens! 💚👑
  20. hi Susan : welcome to best online stroke support group. stroke affects the whole family & puts everyone out of their comfort zone & tests your limit. As a long time young survivor I would tell you things which helped me in my recovery. 1. try to get as much therapy possible for him, insurance company will try to cut you off as fast as they can to save their costs, but more therapy he can get to become as independent as he can, it will help your family. 2. get help from friends & family, you are not super human caregiver burn out is real. lot of relationsh
  21. Glad you're getting support to enhance your independent life!
  22. Becky, thanks so much for the advice. I really appreciate it! I will definitely get him as much rehab as I can. Thank you!
  23. I like that advice - remember it's is a journey and a marathon, not a sprint and take time to celebrate the small wins. Thanks so much! Susan
  24. Especially if you have 2 kids in college you need to get his SD-Social Security Disability app. going because it is a long, intensive application, and they can take up to 90 days to process it. I heard that they wee allowing you to do an application by phone; They probably still are in these COVID day s .Another reason Disability takes so long is because they commonly deny your 1st application, and you have to re-apply, and wait another 9 0 days. If they do this to you, hire a Social Security atty. They will file the 2nd app for you. I vote for more rehab if insurance will pay. You can n
  25. We accept that a stroke messes around with the brain but after 6 years of working out how to cope with the disadvantages I have to admit that there were some gains the stroke gave me. Firstly is my loss of tinnitus. This I had had since I was very young and had got used to its presence despite having music as my main hobby. It was some time after the stroke hit that I realised it had gone, and it has not returned. The second thing was headaches, again something I had regularly since about seven years old. It developed into raging migraine between twenty and forty and after that just becam
  26. Thank you, Heather!
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