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  1. will2

    In further thinking I would be remiss if I also didn't mention foot drop. Throughout my 13yrs of navigating through different environments, in the earlier years following my stroke, I worked hard and desperately to get into condition to get released by my PT to return to work full time. I was still very healthy and strong enough to get into shape that would qualify me to return. However since maybe due to age and general health decline my body still functional but over time weakening, I developed a slight left foot drop. It's not constant but often rears it's head. In these situations I'm pers
  2. will2

    After my surgery and subsequent stroking, with the inpatient/outpatient therapy I eventually learned to walk again and completed their hospital obstacle courses. However, when returning home my routine changed dramatically having to navigate in and around the home. My difficulties came navigating uneven surfaced like steps, up and over obstacles, and unexpected terrain changes ie; rocks, wet surfaces, and even sand on the sidewalks. I had a couple of good tumbles that helped me realize that I needed to look out for potential fall hazards and if possible develop a form of work-around to help me
  3. will2


    Hi heathber, well said and thank you. Like minds think the same..In the last few years I've done just that, I wrote down all policy info, phone numbers and contact info and locations of policy declaration pages etc. Lately I've been helping her establish relationships with our maintenance people and programs. This week she was introduced to our landscaping crew and worked with them trimming the front yard tree jungle in preparation of hurricane season which starts in June. She did splendidly too! Today, I've been working to get her updated with insurances i.e. home/auto policies. It's benefici
  4. will2


    Hi Janelle, sorry for the lag in response time, like so many others here from time to time, there will be "those days" and lately it could be best described as like swimming in mud so I've just been spending more of an inordinate amount of downtime just smooshing in my recliner and hanging with my cat. A plateau of sorts emotionally, no major ups and/or downs. And it 's not really a negative thing. At 13yrs post stroke, having them I'd guess is more common than not. A breather for me is necessary as charging the cell phone at times. I do my best my best retrospect during these few
  5. will2

    Absolutely. Though forget about the direction that is was coming from real or imaginary. The strangest disconnect is the first sniff of a dish or food and finally bitting into it to find that the taste was very different. And don't get me started on trying to scratch those phantom itches
  6. will2

    Godspeed Steve, you certainly are one of God's favorites, and thank you for a place to call home..
  7. will2


    Hi Janelle, sorry it's been awhile I've been preoccupied with life's roller coaster. By my comment I was referring to agreeing with her suspicions, and taking the high-road with this issue. My wife and I respect one another's opinion, whether we agree or agree to disagree. And make our decisions based on both our inputs. While we both make good and bad decisions, we just try and learn from the bad choices and move forward, very amicable and the willingness to change, if possible. Neither of us are spring chickens and both have been through a lot in our individual experiences, there's a bit of
  8. will2

    Alan, though in my State and 35 others we have legalized medical marijuana programs to many varying degrees. Here in Florida it became legal in 2016, albeit limited in access and product availability. In the past, I've posted about my desperate search and experiences with post stroke neurological pain, mine was localized to my left eye for reasons unknown. I spent countless hours and time with lists of doctors, neurologists, ophthalmologists, and finally a leading neuro-opthalmologist from the Bask and Palmer Eye Institute here in Miami. After the assortments of checks, scans, and testing it w
  9. Watched Jills complete video, very informative. I really felt her emotions when she described her own experience. As part of my rehab I attended therapy and had the most difficult time describing my hospital experience without breaking down. Up till that time it was the single most emotionally difficult experience of my life.
  10. will2


    Janelle, funny that you should mention this. As one of the things my Russian wife might have been concerned with is possible access to information that may not be relevant to our purposes. By nature being Russian born and raised they are a bit more cautious in giving personal information freely by nature. And though she did not express this directly to me or the representative, I could sense it with my limited knowledge of her personality. I didn't question it at the time but respected her opinion that we should investigate other options available.
  11. will2

    LG, Yes you are heard. I've followed all your posts since your started this thread. Though in my situation I've not much to say mostly because I've really nothing all that constructive to add. I'm not the greatest person to give any advise when it comes to relationships, especially abusive ones. I would only tell somebody that nobody deserves any kind of abuse. My parents were very dysfunctional and I've no stomach for it. It takes great strength to get away from abuse, and I've seen too many compromises made because either spouse thought it was worth salvaging. Sure an argument here, or there
  12. will2


    As my neuro ophthalmologist told me, the pain may be just in your head as there isn't any kind of physical damage that can be repaired thus relegating me to a pain management clinic for help. I've often wondered wondered about hypnosis and if it could be used to manage the pain if "it's just all in my head" and no repairable physical damage possibilities. It may work to "trick or distract" the mind into perceiving pain to a degree. It didn't escape the possibilities, and I did go with my wife to a hypnosis clinic to inquire but, after we met with the representative my wife and I bo
  13. will2

    If interested Alan, here's a snap of my 59's historic Les Paul reissue that I had original vintage PAF's, pots, caps installed. Definitely my favorite flavored electric and hardest to let go after the stroke. They were always the heavier axe to wield during extended playing over the much lighter and ergonomic Strats, but loved that Gibson humbucker tones over the single coils at times.
  14. will2

    Deigh, just wanted to quickly check in with you and confirm that you did get the personal message with the link provided that you requested? I sent it a week or so ago.
  15. will2

    Amazing Alan, I can't even imagine having accomplished all that you have. All I have from those years is nothing but the best of memories and friendships that have lasted all my life. I bet there are hours and hours of stories from your exposure to the endless hours of playing and gigging and people that you met along the journey. I'm guessing that from your post that your playing guitar may have been interrupted by your stroke? No question in my case that I'd still be playing or at the very least still have a guitar or two too play when the mood strikes. It was almost second natur