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  1. ksmith

    i love this and use it all the time. There are two kinds. .Sativa give you energy and Indica makes you relaxed. I have used both
  2. ON a non medicine note.. I was so glad to see you post. How have you been?
  3. I was just talking about this medication today. I've been on it for about 9 years and they have upped mine to 2x 600mg a day. Actually this lowed mine. they had it for 3x's a day but it made me loopy.. ( er) hahaha But seriously, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for it to be intergraded into your system. At least that was my case. . I'm on that for the Nystagmus in my eyes but I'm sure it helps with my leg spams at night. I hope you finally find relief 😘
  4. I Apologize for the jumbled and that is yet another reason I don't blog nor post a lot. My mind gets jumbled easy 🙂
  5. ksmith

    congratulations!! that is a HUGE milestone. Cheers
  6. totally it!!! I'm glad that you pulled the heart of it out 🙂 cheers
  7. I believe I hit a mile stone. I was always trying to not accept how far were my limits or what I can do for I always wanted to keep the hope alive that, even though I knew what was realistic, could be better... When I reached that point ( reaching my limitations), I got scared angry because I didn’t want it to be ‘ my cap’. Now that it’s happened ,holy cow ,I feel better but I do understand that I may revert back to other “stages of grief but sadly my co workers heard the 12 years of trying to accept my stroke in 3 hours. So they got the whirlwind . I am very aware that not everyone can wor
  8. Kelli - I got in okay with taking out the _ in my user name, so thank you.  I don't have time to blog right now; time for a quick nap, but at least I know I can get in.  Thanks again. til later, Leah

    1. ksmith


      I'm so happy 🙂

  9. Tracy, sometimes it's hard to express how you feel. Steve once told me , a while ago when I was very upset over something, no matter what you say and no matter how you say it, you'll never please everyone. My truth was and is, I don't share a lot of things because of that , not that I don't feel trusted to do so, but I know that we all have a hard times and I have never been able to explain my problems in a way that can be understood. I remember when I first came and I was trying to explain my memory and , as you know, unless someone can relate it is near impossible to get them to understand.
  10. ksmith

    I'm so happy you came back. You are truly someone who has helped so many others, along with all the caregivers and family, with understanding and advice. You are always welcome here and I can say , on a side note, was so happy to hear your name again.
  11. OMG Tracy, I was just telling someone that when there is a big gust of wind, swear I will blow over
  12. ksmith

    Yes, I quit right after my stroke and they say ex smokers are the worst. But I can admit EVERY once in a while, I don't mind the smell of a menthol. Crazy.. I'd never smoke again though. 12 + cold turkey as they say. I'm not sure if a doctor or nurse or a mental Hallucination but I was told if I smoke again I'll die. So.. stopped for I was sacred to die....
  13. ksmith

    I am THAT cat lady as well. My small 900sqft place looks like PetSmart. On social media, you'd never know I had human children lol Going back into a place again must be sad/scary/love/peace all wrapped into one. I think that you are very strong and will find that once there, you're living for you both. He is in your heart. Try to think before the stroke and the happiness and love and wrap that tight and put that in your heart and mind. Love is a powerful bond my friend and it's still raw and of course you're going to be in a "funk". Allow it but don't let it take over. With the warmer w
  14. ksmith

    I do not have phantom itches but the smells.. Oh boy I smell cigarette smoke and I , not meaning too, think my mom has forgave me but when she cooked her famous ( to us) pot roast I told her it smelled like garbage . I had to leave the house